3 Year Anniversary Contest!

By stevegolf
( 7 )

Its our 3 Year Anniversary!

Help us celebrate by Registering at DIYauto.com to be entered into our contest!


Once you register you are automatically entered.

First prize is the V8 Longtube Custom Header Trophy shown below! 

Prizes will be awarded to four additional winners.

We've extended the deadline to 6/30/19!!

Winners will be chosen 6/30/2019. Be sure to check your email for the announcement of the winners!

Be sure to tell your friends!


Took me forever to get email to join. Oh well maybe next contest.

Posted by JQuick on 9/29/19 @ 12:47:34 PM

I love these contests of yours as much as the website itself!

Posted by mpdugas on 6/10/19 @ 1:36:30 PM