Vauxhall Nova K20 Type R Rally Build

By scottmasterton
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Hi, Only just really started coming on here as a couple of weeks ago late Sunday evening after much searching for a good rolling shell, we found one down near Durham, which looked brilliant besides one or two minor slightly rusty patches

Trailered it home and here it was on the driveway

The next thing we did was, stripped the hole car and took out the wiring loom

After that we started to design and adapt some spare widetrack kit from a corsa that we have,so that its 50mm wider in each corner

Then we fitted the widest wheels to see how they sit

next we bought a mk3 cavalier rear disc axle to combine and fabricate it with a nova axle to put discs on the back,now all we need for the rear disc brake conversion to be complete is mk3 astra axle stubs.Then we can see how well the calipers and pads are working that we have to see if we need to buy some new ones.
I also just bought another nova for dirt cheap with a rotten shell but it came with lots of spare panels,doors and wing mirrors and so on. I am going to use the aftermarket smoothed bumpers that I got on that and cut and space them out 100mm wider then use them as moulds for fibreglass items as I am going to make a wide arch body kit, I will then just be keeping whatever parts I think I may potentially damage and sell or scrap the rest. Just last night I bought a fibreglass tailgate from a member in dumbarton, needs a bit of work to clean it up but it should be great.

Plan next is to try and source axle stubs, fit a chasis plating kit, build a cage, make adjustable seat mounts and then about another million things before the car even moves haha Like our Page on Facebook for links to other projects and for cool updates :D


This is going to be awesome πŸ‘ great job!

Posted by CCmyVW on 4/3/21 @ 12:06:12 PM

Any updates?

Posted by diyauto on 1/11/21 @ 6:36:46 PM

Will try and update as soon as possible, had too many distractions of late

Posted by scottmasterton on 1/19/21 @ 1:39:08 PM

Really cool, don’t have much like this in the states. You guys really got some of the best hot hatches.

Posted by miatamatt on 10/9/20 @ 1:03:54 PM

This is going to have some serious lighting I can see, going to make a great rally car. What color are you planning on going with?

Posted by MPower on 10/1/20 @ 7:51:02 PM

Thanks! Undecided on colour as of yet probably white and then we'll wrap it from there

Posted by scottmasterton on 10/3/20 @ 8:10:54 PM

Good call, and being a rally car there are a lot of great color schemes you can choose from

Posted by MPower on 10/12/20 @ 2:14:18 PM

Nice work! This things going to be a riot to drive! I bet you can’t wait to get it on the road.

Posted by stevegolf on 9/30/20 @ 6:49:07 PM

Thanks Steve! Cannot wait to get on track

Posted by scottmasterton on 10/3/20 @ 8:08:58 PM

Nice build details πŸ‘

Posted by Diggymart on 9/29/20 @ 6:22:56 PM

Thanks Diggymart :D

Posted by scottmasterton on 10/3/20 @ 8:09:42 PM

Nice build details πŸ‘

Posted by Diggymart on 9/29/20 @ 6:22:50 PM