Hi everyone! is two brothers, Steve and Nick Balistreri. We are car nerds working to create the best automotive DIY resource out there. There is a ton of great information on the internet written by gearheads who are generous with their knowledge. The problem is this information isn't organized in any useful way. When its time to start wrenching, you have to spend way too much time clicking through multiple sites and threads looking for that DIY. Sometimes you'll find it, sometimes the photo links have all been broken, other times you get fed up and just wing it. The automotive community is like a town without a library, we want to be that library.

Five years ago Steve started building a DIY encyclopedia, asking authors of DIY and build threads to donate their knowledge to the project. He was overwhelmed by the support and positive feedback he received. It appeared like everyone else had the same problem, and were happy to be part of the solution.  Knowing his homemade website wouldn't cut it, he invested in having a state of the art platform professionally created. He hired his brother Nick to help with the laborious task of building up the new site. now has over 40 makes, 2000 vehicle pages, and over 1500 DIY and build articles. 

We love how clean and fast our site is compared to other automotive websites, which are choked to the brim with intrusive ads. Its important that this information is free to everyone. We want to keep it this way. We've put tens of thousands of man hours and hard earned dollars into this project. If you love the idea of an enthusiast built, gearhead encyclopedia, please give us a hand with a donation. It doesn't matter how big or small, every dollar helps! We really appreciate it!!

Happy wrenching!

Steve and Nick

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