Modification: Vibrant Dual Exhaust by 03neonRT

By diyauto
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Modification: Vibrant Dual Exhaust

Compliments of 03neonRT @

Manufacturers: Vibrant.  

Price Range: $269.99 - $300.00

Where to Buy: ModernPerformance, HowellAutomotive.Com,

Difficulty of Installation (1 as easiest 10 as most difficult): 2  

Time For Installation: 1 Hour  

Expected Gains (in WHP): 1-4 WHP

Explanation of Mod: Stock Exhaust Systems on neons run a full 2.25 inch tubing until the Muffler. The Vibrant exhaust replaces the stock muffler and is a full 2.25 cat back dual muffler. It simply attatches to the old stock hangers and piping.

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Click the image to open in full size.