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Rollnnn's 2005 CLK55 build thread... 

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What's up Everyone, thought I would make a new build thread. First off, I just want to say thanks to everyone who helped when i was looking for the car. I picked up a black 2005 clk55 last May. It's my first AMG and 2nd MB. First MB was a w203 which was mildly modded. I would like to do more to this one. I know this is not going to be everyone's taste here but im pretty happy with it so far...

Here are a few pics of the C230:

Pic of CLK when i picked it up:

Basically the reason for buying this car, was to do the Sarto Racing rocket bunny kit. This was the first mod:

I had DTM Autobody do the install. This kit involves a lot of body work. Make sure you take it to a trust worthy shop the first time around.

Also notice how much higher the fender is in relation to the top of the tire. In order to make the kit look right, you have to do a lot of suspension work and lower the car between 7-9 inches

It took about a week and a half for install:

Regular lowering springs or coilovers will not lower the car enough.

I partnered up with Megan Racing to develop the correct coilovers for this build.

The fronts were easy, the rear was difficult. We had to use shorter inserts with shorter springs. This took about a month, R&D plus waiting for the right pieces to come in. We were finally able to get it sit right.

After driving around for awhile, i really wanted to put the car on air. It sits so low, that it was hard to get in and out of driveways.

I partnered up with Airlift for the air over coilover system. For those of you interested in air, there are no dedicated kits available for the w209 or w203. You have to use universal parts. It takes a lot of custom work, but it can be done.

Airlift provided the V2 air Management system, tank, bags, 2 viair compressors, water traps, wiring, lines and mostly everything needed. There were a few things i had to purchase extra that airlift does not make, that is needed for these cars.  

Airlift V2 management system:

5 gallon polished tank:

2 chrome viair compressors:

2 Water traps:

Bags and everything else:

After doing some research for a good Air installer, I decided to go with City Garage in Long beach, CA. Marlon and his crew took special care of the build. They are known in the mini-truck, classics, low-rider, hot-rod scene to do great air/hydraulics installs and are all metal fabricators so i knew it would be in good hands. 

Here is where the suspension gets even trickier. Ill start with the front. The way the front struts are set up, we had to drill out the front top mounts. These mounts only fit the spring, you cannot use these with an airbag.

I had to purchase a new top mount that works with airbags and is designed for this car. Universal Air Suspensionmakes these:

I also had to buy these plates, which is a perch also made by Universal Air, that screws onto the air bag and screws directly onto Megan Coilovers.

The rear shock was a big problem. I don't have any pics of the rear but in order to mount the bag they had to pull it out a little so it doesn't rub anything, so a mount was made. The bag is wider than the spring so it needs more clearance. With this body kit you only have a few inches to play with in terms of suspension travel. If you look at the rear arch it curves under the tire. If the shock extends too much and the car goes too high it will hit the bottom of the kit. In other words it has to be just right. I had to use the a short stroke shock that was provided by Megan Racing. Its the right one in the pic a couple posts above with the shocks.

The bags provided from Airlift were also too long, so I had to trade those for some shorter single bellow Universal Air Bags:

With the trunk setup i wanted to have it look good for show, but at the same time still leave some trunk space. City Garage did a metal bar setup that is welded to the top of the trunk that holds both compressors and the tank:

Both Compressors:

With Tank:

front view looking through rear seats:

So I lied, my first 2 mods were a lug conversion and a euro license plate.

Lug conversion:

Made my way down south to meet up with my Wheel Partners, HRE Wheels.

When i got there, they weren't quite done being built yet, so Yoshi took me on a tour of the facilities. Pretty cool place.

I picked up the HRE Classics 303.
Front 19x10, Rear 19x12. High polished lips, matte black barrel, brushed tinted clear, with gold hardware.

Then i had to drive down to Ontario to pick some tires from my tire partners, Toyo Tires

I originally went with the Toyo Proxes1, front 255/35/19, rear 305/30/19 but needed a little more clearance to fit the bags. I ended up with with Toyo Proxes T1 sport, front 245/35/19, rear 295/30/19.

I brought everything over to 168motoring in Torrance to have them mounted. They also had to do a little trimming of the kit so it wouldn't rub.

Test fit at 168 Motoring

Next up paint. Had an old friend do the work. Those of you familiar with HMS, Fernando that used to do the paint work for them, opened his own shop in Santa Ana. He did a full color change except the engine bay plus my brake calipers. I only gave him a week to do it too because of sema. He did an excellent job considering. here are some pics..


Back to 168 Motoring for wheel install

Final trimming of kit:


Now back to City Garage for final air suspension tuning:

A couple more companies I partnered with for this 1st stage of the build. For my front splitter and rear wing i'm working with APR Performance

pic of front splitter:

I had to do a little trimming because when I gave the measurements to APR I forgot to account for the tires when they are turned:

Also partnered up with Wavetrac for my LSD

I brought it over to the homies at Benzworks for LSD install, APR splitter/wing install, New lug stud install and final tuning and touch ups. I also Partnered with OE Tuning for my tune and Motorsport Hardware for my new lug studs and gunmetal lug nuts.


So it was Friday night and we had 1 more day till we had to drive the car to Vegas for Sema. Car was almost done. We just had to do a few more things. We took the car over to Mikey's garage. I partnered with a company called Nitrofill, they also make a product called Nitroshield. Its a permanent Tire shine and protectant. I installed this while MikeSSw203 installed the livery.

We picked the decals up late that night from partner Sticky Icons. We finally got started about 10pm

Mikey working through the night...

We worked overnight, well Mikey did, i took off to sleep for a few hours. Finally finished around 2pm.

Prepped the car for the drive to Vegas and left Irvine around 6pm

Arrived in Vegas around 11pm. Next morning took the car to Windy City Wash to get her cleaned up

This was my first time ever having a car at sema. I'm so glad that it was in a booth inside a hall. When i got to the Las Vegas Convention Center I waited for 5 minutes and drove right in. I heard it took feature vehicles hours to get situated. My car was parked in the south hall with a company called Nitrofill. They install nitrogen in tires. This is the company that also own Nitroshield.

When i arrived at the booth I had to do one more mod. This was the final touch. I partnered with Tredwear Letters for the white Toyo Proxes tire writing. Pic to come.

parked inside:

couple pics during show:


@ Euro Wednesdays...


I'm not sure if this was meant for me, but if it was I think you are asking for pics without all the decals??? Well if so, I have 1 pic with the wing and a couple without. Here is the one with:


In case any of you so-cal'ers are interested in checking out a car meet and eating at Guppy Tea House in West Covinathis Saturday:


A few shots from KVK Photography:


Had a photo shoot in Long Beach this past weekend with the one and only Auktane.


Mini Me...


European Car magazine, March 2015. They included a shot in their sema 2014 coverage.. pretty cool!


3 more:


shot with Auktane again yesterday, love his work!


Another shot, by auktane...


Front shot by Auktane


Few months back APR Performance made my Carbon Fiber side side splitters for the side skirts and rear bumper

Car was just featured in the August 2015 issue of Only Mercedes In Japan...


stage2 begins... Prepping for sema2015

Interior & Audio

Full Focal Flax audio system.
2 12' p30f subwoofers

build to come....


test fit...


Here is the finished interior. It's Nova suede on the door panel inserts and seat inserts, rear box enclosure and headliner. Upper door panels and seat insert color is claret with light grey double diamond stitching. The headliner is also claret Nova suede with a dark grey center and red double diamond stitching. Rear deck and lower door panels are black nova suede.


I Partnered with Focal to do a custom build. I was shooting for something a little different. Let me know what you guys think....

2 P30F Flax subs  
PS165FX Flax components  
PC165 coaxial
Focal Performance Digital FPD 900.1 sub amp
Focal Performance Digital FPD 600.4 amp
run by my Kenwood Excelon dnx8120

Audio build was done by BP autosound in Buena Park, CA.

Wanted to delete the rear seat and do the setup back there instead of in the trunk:

red ambient lighting

Kenwood Excelon DNX8120

Front door speakers

Love the Focal slogan:


Sema cruise...


Sitting at Import face-off a few weeks ago, Featured on the Super Street Network, photo by Luke MunnellPhotography...


Didn't think this was actually going to come out, but the car was featured in "Mercedes Enthusiast" magazine in the December 2015 issue.


took that car down to Hot import Nights in San Diego last weekend and took 4th place overall. was pretty surprised. Thought i had a chance in the Mercedes Category since there were only a handful of MB's, but not the Top 5 overall show, pretty cool...


Not sure about 1st place. I heard it was an Acura, total show car that gets towed everywhere. Cant seem to find any pics. But 2nd and 3rd place, these are cars that normally win best of show at all the bigger shows. 2nd was the blue G35 and 3rd is the GTR.

I was actually pretty surprised to place in the top 5. There are so many nice show builds out there...


The car is featured in this months August/September Edition PASMAG magazine.


Couple updates since i was last on. So i removed the decals and drove it around like this for about a month or so..


Some pics from Sema last week:

New Wheels: Work Meister L1,
Front: 19x9, 3" Hairline Finish step Lip, Matte Gunmetal face, Gold Hardware.
Rear: 19x12 6" Hairline Finish step lip, Matte Gunmetal face, Gold Hardware.

Carbon Creations Black series style Carbon Fiber hood

H3R Performance Firre Extinguisher with Roll bar mount.

New Livery by BP Autosound

At the Las Vegas Speedway, doing a shoot for Work Wheels Japan.


Been awhile since i updated this.

Couple cool shots from the Boden Autohaus / Super Street / Toyo Tires meet a few months ago..

with the daily...

I've taken this thing on the car show circuit over the last few months. It's been surprisingly able to win a couple awards.

This was a show by Advanti Wheels out in Corona, CA. 1st place Euro.

Hot Import Nights, San Diego 2017. 1st place Mercedes

Racewars 2017, Irwindale Speedway. 2nd Place Euro:

This past weekend was Autocon Long Beach at Formula Drift. Finest European:


Pretty exciting to see the car published in another magazine. This is the Feb. 2017 issue of Stance magazine in Japan...

Here are some images from that shoot at the Las Vegas Speedway, Photographer JC Pepino


whats up guys!, haven't been in here in a very long time. Thanks everyone!

Haven't done much to the car, just added some custom front and rear fiberglass canards made by Chromosome Y in El Monte.