About Our Community

Welcome to DIYauto.com!

There has never been a better time to be an auto enthusiast. The internet has allowed us to have almost any automotive information at our fingertips. With online communities formed around every vehicle type and niche you can communicate with like minded gear heads from your neighborhood to all over the world. It is the generosity of these enthusiasts who put hours of effort into documenting their work though DIYs, builds, or contributing to the online and offline community that has made it great.

Even with all this information available it can be a frustrating task trying to find what you need when you need it. The DIY you need could be on one of many sites, and it can take a lot of reading to weed out conflicting information. Conversely if you put hours into writing a DIY or documenting the build of a car you love it can be frustrating to see it get lost in the shuffle of stuff, wondering if it will help someone out when they need it.

This is where DIYauto.com comes in. With a community built library of automotive information, all of the DIY’s, builds, and technical data for any car is within three clicks of the homepage. If you work on your car and you need a DIY, or you need to know the compression ratio of an E39 M5, or the length of a 1958 Continental you can get it fast. If you see your first car driving down the road or something on Craigslist that is calling your name you can quickly find build threads for inspiration. The articles form a directory of the sites and forums for each car, so you can get additional help or discover new communities. All photos are preserved so you don’t have to worry about DIYs and builds being lost due to broken photo links. It is a central library for gear heads. We are building it, and we need your help.

All articles on DIYauto.com are generously donated by their authors. If you’ve written a thread of interest, be it a DIY, build, or a review or amusing road trip story please donate! If you write one in the future post a copy of it on DIYauto after posting to your favorite forum. This way you know it will still be in-tact helping and inspiring other enthusiasts for years to come.

Working in the auto industry we deal with all sorts of procedures. We learned that the best procedures are worthless if you can’t find them when you need them. This is why we feel lucky to be part of a community whose members are so eager to share their wisdom. It is also why we’ve been working countless hours in our spare time to put this site together and give back to the community. We are working every day to improve the site and add to it. We appreciate you visiting and helping us on this huge and worthwhile project.

To donate a thread please post it in the appropriate section or email a link to diyautoftw@gmail.com.

-Steve and Nick