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How to post a DIY, Build, or other article to a vehicle's page.

Thanks for donating your knowledge to the community! We made adding information to the site easy. 

First - if you haven't yet, create an account. Only registered users can add articles and edit sections of the site.  

Navigate to the vehicle that your article is about. You can do this through the "Choose Your Vehicle" tab at the top of the page to go to the manufacturer's page. That page shows a timeline of vehicles, choose your vehicle from that timeline. 

On the vehicle page you will see boxes that organize articles into categories. 

Click the box with the blue plus sign to add an article of that category. If you are adding a build, click "+ New Build" to add a build article.

For DIY articles, we added areas where you can add information, such as the tools and parts needed for the DIY. If a DIY is engine or transmission related, you can choose the applicable engines and transmissions from the list. This will link your DIY to that engine and will make it show up on that engine's info page. 

Type the body of your article in the main text box. If your article was originally posted on another site or forum and you want to give credit, paste the url into the "Source URL" box. Then choose the image you want as the main image shown when your article is displayed around the site.

Next hit submit and you are done! 

How to add information to the data tables.

All vehicle pages have data tables so people can find the info they need quickly. We designed the site so users can add information and edit the data tables so the community can have a complete and accurate source for information. 

First - if you haven't yet, create an account. Only registered users can add articles and edit the data tables. 

On the vehicle page choose the data category you want to add by selecting the corresponding tab (Engine, Transmission, Performance, etc)

Make sure the correct Trim, Transmission, and/or Engine is selected from the drop down menu. Otherwise your info will go to the wrong place!

Click the pencil next to the data field you want to edit, and a text box will appear where you can enter your data.

If you are attempting to modify or add data to a field already has data inputted, a change request will be sent to an admin. This is to protect the data that has already been added to the database and prevent vandalism. An admin will review the new information before it is stored. 

You are done! Thanks for helping us improve the library!

If you are having any problems with the website, feel free to contact us via the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page. Thanks!