1996 GMC Jimmy

By Cyphercrash
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Anither daily driver rebuild, Jimmy, paid $500!

Motor refinished. Hot tanked, bored .020 over due to 11° taper in cylinders below is the intake manifold that i spent hours cleaning by hand!


One of the main problems with this model is the center link (Drag Link) Its merely a steel bar with four holes that GMC never considered wear and tear. But when you acount for use and poor roads you get holes that are wonky and the steering forever is sloppy. I had the front differential rebuilt. So I took time to clean and paint the mount points for the suspension looks much better now without 20+ years of dirt and grease

Remove the grease. Undercoat it.

Rebuilt and undercoated ready to last another couple of decades

Old before rebuild

Pay attention to detail. Get the Shock and fender skirts to keep mud out of the engine compartment

They come as a pair so you can have that Attention to detail look

Drivers side cleaned and undercoated


Thank you I have more it only lets me upload one at a time

Posted by Cyphercrash on 3/24/23 @ 3:20:50 PM

Love all the pics !

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More pics up if you feel like browsing

Posted by Cyphercrash on 6/18/23 @ 6:41:02 PM