Oil Pressure Fitting For Aftermarket Gauge (1.8T) by EuroSwag

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Oil Pressure Fitting For Aftermarket Gauge (1.8T)

Compliments of EuroSwag @ http://forums.fourtitude.com

Doing a write up on what fittings were used and how to put the fittings in for an aftermarket oil pressure gauge.

*Giving credit for Seerlah for showing me the fittings and telling me to make a write up*[up][wrench]

The particular car i'm working on is my soon to be GT2871r 99.5 so the motor is AEB.

I'm not 100% if it will work with the 00-01 i'll have to get back to you on that.

First off I have my intake manifold off already for various reasons cause of my build, for those that don't it shouldn't be a problem unbolting the coolant reservoir and going in through there.

Locate the stock oil pressure switch

Take the cap and the switch off

Unscrew the stock oil pressure switch by using a open end wrench of if your lazy like me a crescent wrench

This is what you will end up getting

Take the M10x1 male T adaptor 

Then the M10x1 Male to 1/8" NPT Female Adaptor

And assemble! This is what you'll end up getting 

Screw T adapter in the stock oil pressure spot and plug the stock oil pressure switch back in 

There you have it! My oil pressure gauge is still on it's way in the mail so I cannot show that part but basically the oil pressure gauge will come with a sender unit with a 1/8" male fitting that you screw right into the other port. MAKE SURE EVERYTHING IS NICE AND TIGHT SO NOTHING LEAKS!

Total cost:

T adapter=$10

Male to female adapter=$8.00


Hope this can help some people!

If interested where these fittings were found you can PM me