Complete ASC delete with no ABS light/fault! by 328iJunkie

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Complete ASC delete with no ABS light/fault!

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So everyone knows how to remove the ASC TB and all but you still have the acutator next to the master cylinder. If you unplug it you get an ABS fault which kills your ABS so heres how to make it go away!!!!!!! What im basically doing is tricking the ABS system into thinking the ASC system is still in place. I measured the resistance across the 2 poles of the ASC acuator to 10 ohms. so you replace the acutaor with a 10 ohm resistor and bam!

Sorry for the crappy pics. cameras kicking the bucket.

Parts needed: 1 10ohm 1 watt resistor (bought mine at radioshack)

Start like this: 


-now un plug that biach:

-then grab one of these (or i suppose you should buy one before you begin haha)

-Cut the 2 wires for the plug for the ASC acutator and do this:

-Tape up that biach, stuff it somewhere and burn this thing