Bug free radiator by vocalthought

By stevegolf
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Bug free radiator

Compliments of vocalthought @ www.bimmerfest.com

I did my break-in oil change today and took a look at the radiator. My car is only 1900 miles and the radiator is already showing signs of a popular bug graveyard. The twin kidney grill is pretty to look at, the space between slats is big enough to admit bugs and stones that is bad for the radiator's health. I dug around in my garage and found some leftover window bug screen, and this is what I did.

1) Take out the kidney grill.

2) Cut the screen in the the rough shape of the grill.

3) Attach screen to the inside of the grill.

4) Re-mount kidney grill.

The screen is non reflective and is not noticeable. Attached step by step photos. I know, I know, she needs a wash tomorrow.