E28 Alpina Build - by Pedi

By stevegolf
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Compliments of Pedi @ www.mye28.com

Hello Gentlemen and fellow E28 fanatics. 

I am from Norway, so please do not get caught in misspelling or other language errors  

Back in 2008, I got hold of an E28 525 which were supposedly rebuild as an Alpina B7. The car was rusty and totally worn out. Almost nothing were useful as is, but almost everything was present. So that made an good start, and I bought it. 

I do travel alot in my work, and with 5 kids in the house - not too much time is left for my garage. So time went by, and I did not have any stones rolled before Dec 2010. 2011 was a good year for me, even though I was a lot at work this year. 

The pics I will present to you, will be copy/paste from my original thread from the biggest BMW-forum in Norway, www.bimmers.no I do have quite a lot of pics in that thread, some good some not. I will copy a lot into here, but not all - I guess. Please feel free to comment both positive and negative meanings and feelings. Harassment and rudeness will be neglected. 

The car itself is an 1987 Alpina B7 TurboKat #238 with 320hp and 520 Nm torque. As far as I know, the last (#237-#278) ones with catalyst was built on a M5-chassis and with some M5 details. The car was full of options inside: AC, Cruise Control, Power Windows F/R, black inner roof, Alpina aux tank, instruments etc.. Too bad the chassis was totally gone. And I mean GONE !! It was so rusty, that I am shocked!! 

And since it is a fact that I live in Norway, with snowy winters, salty roads etc - rust free E28 is almost non-existing. The best thing is to buy a newer 518 chassis, due to less stressed body shell, and due to that they have often NOT been abused by a wild youngster. So I found a 1987 518i with sunroof in an internet advertisement, not too far from me. Looked not too bad on the pics, and the owner told me that it was 100% free from rust... I got it home, and of course - the seller was a liar. 

So here goes my story, based upon the joy and interest of good ol' E28...


Sorry, not too many comments to the pics. Basically the pics here are from the "donor" as I got it home, and from the rusty parts as I take things apart. 



One piece of totally abused E28, time to get it into my garage - into some more loving hands... 




I guess my comments are not necessary here.... 






Rusty? Of yes... 







As you can see, there is a lot to do. My challenge was to have the time and money for it... 

I also needed a chassis, here it is: But damn, it was not as described. When I think about it today, the 518-chassis was not THAT bad - but when the seller stated rust free - it was not.... 



The engine is out: 


Suspension out... 


It is good here, luckily... 









Parts from an E34 535i that I had stored in my attic: 


Parts ready for sandblasting and paint. 


Some "new" parts 


Some new parts: 


Sandblasted front calipers: 


Fresh parts arrived... I love that  The red color is a result of that the paintshop was out of black - only red, yellow and white was left... So be it, I like colors - some not. 


To get rid of the rusty shit, I got a friend to sandblast the rust for me. 


Back home... 


Here it is, the main event in the "Retro garage" as we call my garage ... 


New parts needs treatment, no doubt... 


I guess you will not ask me the price of this, please don't...  But they look nice... 


New brake shields, just need some coating to make them last longer... 


New Bilstein B8... 


Luckily, I had this tool hanging on the wall  


And ofcourse, all threads are freshened up before things get together... 

More new parts 




Got hold of an used one from M535i, with low milage... 


Some pieces get together: 


I forgot to order the dust rings, that will come later... 


Some grinding must be done, to get rid of paint in certain places. 


I am reeeeealllly exited on the K-Mac parts.... So far, I am not too convinced... 


Some troubles on the way of course: ABS-ring is cracked on the drive flange..

Poly-bushings from Ireland Engineering: 


But ofcourse.... They had too small diameter, so therefore I had to go for original bushings. 


Getting things together, new wheel bearings and brakeshoes: 


Rear shocks. 


Looks nice, those Bilsteins? 


Wheelbearing and brake disc in position. 302x28mm discs. Calippers not mounted, due to the 15" rims are too small  


In Norway, the rules are very strict when it comes to automotive genre. So to get my 518 approved rebuild as an Alpina, I have to follow Alpina-specs to the smallest nut... I will mount brakes from E34 540i later on, so I just grinded the original solid discs on mounted them back on. Just for the inspection/rebuild approvement. 


Well... I do not like it, but I have new ones waiting...  


Finally, the car is back on the wheels! 


Some cutting is necessary to allow the 6-sylinder get in... 


"Go away!"  




Here is an oval hole for the Intercooler. Just copied from what Alpina did. 


Auch, Suddenly there was another rust attack!!!! 

When changing from a 518 to Alpina, there are 3 supports that need to go, and 7 to come over 


It does take time to dismantle everything, phew! 



All gone, finally. 



The ABS is also needed  


One by one... They all need to come into place.. 



Cleaning... I hate that... I really do... 






Looks better now, even in the engine bay... 


Here is a proof that it really is me doing the cleaning-job, hehe... 

Some small rust on the surface, no problemo... 


But THIS is annoying !!!! AUCCHHH!!!! 



Luckily, the windows edges looks nice... 

Time to take the boy out for a spin..... 




The boy needs some fresh air, agree?

Went by some friends: 











Inside the paint boot... 




Back home, same night! Sorry about picture quality. The color is Sepang Bronze Metallic from E60 M5 






Looks good? It is better IRL...

Time to demolish the rest of the donor vehicle: 


Harness... Nice...  


Alpina tank... 


Some parts: 


And even more... 


A helping hand from a good friend is also nice!... 

Even more.... 


Moon roof... 

Managed to track down a unused door from an old barn, so now I do have 3 new doors, only 1 to go now... 

(BMW are empty, I tried to order. But out of stock. But expensive though... $1200 was the price, each)... 

Now we are writing March 2011, and I am back from work again. Time to get rid of the donor: 


Not too much space left  


Fuel tank, with the Alpina Elbow... 


Some harness and stuff.. 


Pernezz gets the honor of "first assembly": 


Done, even if it was a small item - it felt good :wink: 


A new isolation-mat in place. Needed to be glued, but that is ok... 

The original rug looks like shit, but some shampoo made it at least better.... 



Hung up after washing, to dry up... 



Some harness in position, while waiting for the rug to dry up... 


Summer is getting closer, and I am busy at work. Here I had a couple of days off, and we enjoyed a Taco-meal outside in the nice weather... 


2 grown-ups, 5 kids og 3 cats (Read: The Pedersen Family) are spending some quality time. 

Here is a pic from the summer night in Norway, this is my garage,,, 


Me an my GF went for a ride tonight... Lovely... 


Some new parts: 


Aaaaand finally!! I found a door in the USA, and it has finally arrived... 

Old fuel and brake lines: 


Pernezz doing some cleaning: 


Some new parts.... 


All in!! 


Looks original? Well, almost.. There is hiding a Bosch 044 fuel pump in there... 


Cleaning the fuel tank:. 


Auch, rust! oh no!! 


Ok... Time to skip the idea of using the tank with Alpina elbow. Here is the 518 tank... 


Promising, looks better... 


Crap! Rust again!!! 


New tank from BMW - $1350 

This just made my day, I cannot pay that much money...

Making a room for my air-compressor... Double isolated walls... 


Turned out good. Almost no sound... I am satisfied.. 


All done... 

Sept 2011: Battery cable needs to go in. 


And through the floor... 


ABS in position, used pipes, but nice. I do not want to change them. 


Clutchpump and master brake cylinder/system with a new "bomb" installed. 

It is lovely to install new parts in a new-painted engine bay 

Some new parts: 


Check out the wrapping for the little part  


Alpina dash... Cracked, ofcourse... 




518 dash was clean-looking! Lucky me!! 



I like it! 

Rug from B7, heater and dash from 518: 





Damn, fan was broken - I had not checked that. Not remembered that the heater controls from 518 is manual, and B7 is electrical.. Dash out again.. 


Look at the wear. :wink: 


"New" fan... 


Rod broken, and screws (2mm) was missing. 


Drilling and tapering up to 3mm works, and with some spare-parts from my old Traxxas T-Maxx, a brand new End-Rod did the thing: 


Satisfied, that I am  


New wire for the hood 


Some new parts... 


Dash back in, with correct heater controls and a functioning fan  

I recieved the new tank, and I needed to weld on the alpine elbow. 


Filling pipe: 


Welding the elbow: 


Welding part II  


Cleaning the weld... 


Sanding the "transport-primer": 


2 layers of 2k primer to prevent rust: 


The other side: 


And 2 layers of paint... 


Close-up.... Sorry bad pics, reflections from the lights are killing me... 


In the end, a couple of layers of protective mass: 


My friend is happy with the finish, hehe.. 

Before I installed the tank, I had some paint applied to the gas-filling room 


New tank is getting together... 


But of course... Rusty pre-pump pipe... 


Sometimes you wonder when bad luck should end... I just see my money fly away...

While I wait for the new pre-pump, I just put the tank in position (it takes so much space on the floor). 


Installing the new drive flange, it is good to complete suspension parts 


New stabilizers 


Original Alpina rear brakes (temporary brakes) - of course it had to play games with me.... 

Well, drilling and tapering again.. And with some O2 and Acytelen, the bastard came out  


Temporary brakes rear even got some cheap paint  : 


Front calipers needed some care ass swell. New gaskets etc, combined with brakeyumyum from ATE: 


New vents in position - and mounting kit is on its way in the mail... 


Suspension looks better with brakes... 


Still waiting for some clips etc to my brakelines and cables: 

Oct 2011: 

Got the pre-pump today, nice wrapping it was shipped in btw? 


I had to modify it of course... Not bolt on, Alpina way...  


As the tank is in position, I can make new fuel-lines to the 044-pump. 



OK... Alpina tank next: 


Some new parts: 


Measuring the support-holes: 


All set, gimme the tank!! 


Tank in position, w/o the cover 


With cover: 


Alpina- and BMW vent tanks in position, with new hoses all the way. Not finished yet, will come later 


Just tried with some dirty rugs.. 



Getting better each time. 

Anyone recognizes this little fella? 



Now? Any bells ringing?? 




LADEDRÃœCK!!! "Sehr gut, Harry Klein!" 

Men that's it for today.

Cut my finger severely, so I had to go easy some days: 


Old roof lining gone 


Painted the supports for the carpeting in the trunk. 


M5-battery tray rusty, as everything else from the Alpina... 


Not good, not good... 


Took the engine down from the attic... 


Would have been most easy to put it just right in at once... Don't you think?  


Ready for dismantling.... 




Some parts off.. 


Flexi broken... 


Better now? 



Head looks quite good, as a matter of fact. 


Oil sump and oil pump removed: 


Head off, not too bad what I see... 


Bad pic, sorry: 



Engine number, #238 B7/3... No doubt! 


Crank looks good.: 


Main bearings are not too bad: 


This is the worst bearings: 


Dirty, but will be good after some cleaning...... 


An overwiev  


The only shitty thing, is that the turbo got way more movement than I want - auch....

Oil spray nozzles: 




Here is the new flexi, amongst other small pieces from Alpina : 


Some gaskets, exhaust-flexi, towbar etc... 

Some pieces that really need some cleaning 


Next step is rear diff: 



Looks good: 


15 minutes later: 


Ready for clean-up and paint. 


New gaskets/seals, but must order new bearings asap 

While I was waiting for new bearings, I did some cleaning instead. 


Original M5-carpeting, bad condition - but it is all I got. 


Head looks better. 


Intercooler, oilcooler and oilsump at least cleaner.. 


Engine block enjoyed some water too: 


But of course, as soon as dirt goes off, I had to find something more.. 


One rusty frostplug. 

Servo cooler, old one... 


New servo cooler, painted and ready for installing... 

Got some paint on the block: 




Some clean carpeting stuff, just testing: 


First aid kit: 


518 original manual roof... Bye-bye.. 


Electrical roof in position... Nice... 


Old roof headliner... 


New one, looks good!! 


But not pre-cut, I hoped it was... 


Wonder what part number for this cover is... 


Started to mount the headliner.. 


Did not manage to finish up, crappy work - I hate it!! 


Not too good, but maybe in the future? 


New parts for the diff: 


New innerring pinion 


New crimp sleeve, do not re-use old one 


Here is the pinion with the sleeve in position 


Outer ring for the inner bearing, remember the shims... I used the original one.. 


Outer ring for the inner bearing forced into position, afterwards outer bearing in diff casing to pinion outer bearing (not pictured) 


Time to mount the pinion into the diff casing. 


Pinion in position with new bearings... 


New sealing, remember to oil the sealing.... 


Driveflange in position, with new dust ring. 


New outer rings in position.. 


Make sure you do not clog the oil-hole when mounting the simmering.: 


Simmerring in position: 


From the backside... 


Next step: 


New bearing:. 


Here I am again, hehe.... 


Better photo: 


Temporary mounted. 


Remember the two clips: 



New O-rings 


Must also change old dust rings: 

Cleaning and painting: 


New O-rings. Tak a good look here, se the oil canal, goes direction UP. Also remember the shims here, and lubricate with oil all the way 


In position, and torqued. 


Looking better now? 


Mount drive flange by hand, not force... 


Ofcourse was the Alpina-sensor broken...   


Ready for new (ab)use: 


Looks like it belongs to this place...  


New pic 


And again... 


I am almost happy now, will paint the diff cover later... 


Measuring time, inner cylinder. 6 measures, 2 measure ca 10mm from top, 2 measure ca in the middle and 2 measure ca 10 mm from bottom. 



Crank, 2 measurements: 



After the cranks measurements was approved, I was measuring the clearing of bearing shells with Plastigauge. 


Too few pics here, sorry. 

Dirty piston, before cleaning. 


Pistons and crank are in, new rings and bearings... 



Oil sump pan... Waiting for a new Oil pump chain 


A lot of parts that needs cleaning... 


Transmission brought down from attic. The old one was broken, the "new" one is a Dogleg box rom a E28-Hartge. I do not know if that is true, but does not matter anyway. The dogleg-box is not optimal for the turbo-engine anyway. 


Small details, all the way... 

Nov 2011 

New steering wheel. 


Original rubber brakehoses, because the local authority won't approve steel brake hoses. 




Old washer tank, was not too bad though.. 


Looks better with a new one... 


some small parts 


New clamps for the ABS linings, the old ones were melted  


Pernezz mounts new throttle wire... 


New protective cover ++: 


Visiting the paint booth: 



Some small "adjustments" 


There are still some work left on the door, looking forward to see in on... 


Fuel cover... 


Some of the details mounted... 


Temporary mounted... 


Looking like a car now? 


All new original BMW-parts...


OK, a little "update" (atleast some more pics). 

Finally the oil chain arrived, mounted with correct tension 


I love working on the engine: 


Starting to look like an engine now? 



So, the it is time for the Dogleg-box. And Yes, I know the box is not the optimal one for this engine, but it is the only one I have - and it is supposed to be a box from a Hartge. Not that it makes the box more correct, but like I said - it is the only one I've at the moment. 


Cover and shims: 


But WTF??? The shim is squeezed: 


Auch, what to do? Ofcourse I do not have such a shims in stock.... So this is what I did: The cover was originally mounted with a gasket. So I replaced the gasket with a product called Sili-Gasket, that "builds" more than Permatex - so I consider the clearance to be somehow better... 


Box together again, time to change the seal in the back; 


Here is everything replaced, but I wanted to change some parts for the Gear-linkage ass swell, but I got wrong parts... Grrr... 


I always replace the bearing in the back of the crank, but since I do not have a fancy tool to pull it out - it had to be a jolly one. But it worked though  


Pernezz enjoys this: 


Original Clutch: 




Engine hanging from the roof, waiting for the gearbox: 



Aaaand again!!! The Hartge-cover did not fit. So then I had to find the one from the (broken) Alpina-box. More cleaning...: 



More clean than before. New release-bearing and lubricated splines, and we are good to go! 


Some small details: 


One satisfied guy???? 


Me beeing even more satisfied!! 


It is in!! 


Looking better now? 


The day went well after all... 


Below, sorry about bad pics. 



BTW... I did receive a package from a member in here, thanks! 

Stabilizer front got resprayed 


Dogbones replaced, and even a new slave for the clutch 


Parts in position.... 


Had to replace a pressure-switch for the Hydro-brakes. 


Ok, some new parts for the gear shifter, and bought a Z4-shifter. But the lever was 160mm long, I have to shorten it or something... 


In position, look how the gear lever is out of center. I gotta fix this. 

OK... Found a lever from a 2004 M3 that was only 145 mm long. Problem solved  

Some pics from a late friday night 




Not too much space, but now it is 2 x E21 and 2 x E28 in the main garage  



Pernezzfound out that he needed winter tires on the frozen slippery Norwegian roads, so summer tires, off you go.: 

Here is a proof that thing often go too fast, when it is "routine-work".. I forgot to move the tension-slider to correct side on the cover. See the arm? 


Like this: 



I am happy that I discovered it BEFORE the head was in position  

Did anyone notice that the generator-belt was out of line on the pics in last post? The alpina-pulley is not similar to the standard M30/106, so I had to replace it. 



As for today, we are talking head : 



All moving parts went out easily: 



A lot of dirt: 


Needs a clean-up, and a refresh: 



Poor valves, dirty ones...: 


All this looked as new, my guess is that the head have gotten some new parts not long before I bought it. 


But... I bought 12 valve guides from VAC, in original size (8,0mm) of course... 


Five of the exhaust valves are oversize 2 (8,2mm), and one is standard (8,0mm). 


So the I had to get hold of five new exhaust valves, due to the motorshop where I am going to have my valve guides replaced do not have 8.2mm Brotch. 

I measured the guides, tolerance-spec says 0,8mm - and this valve has a movement of 0,7mm - so I want to replace them all... 


First of all, I needed to make sure the surface is clean and straight. 



They machined 0,15mm off the head, so that was not too bad for a 6-cylinger head... 

Even more clean... 

Valves needed cleaning 


After some cleaning: 


Atleast looking better: 


This is how I stand per today 04.01.2012. I have sent the head away to get following work done: 

- Grinding valve seats (Mira) 3-angle 
- Replacing valve guides (VAC Motorsport edition) 
- Valves final clean-up and machined 

So now I am just waiting for the shop to get finished, I really want to get the head assembled and into position...

Sorry, I forgot... I did some small things too... 

I had to finish the Alpina-tank vent system...: 


Hoses correct measure, and attached: 


Looks almost as original?. 


Remember my old battery-tray? 


Bought one from a user in here, thanks a million!!! 







Looks even better with color? 


Into position: 


I like what I see, compared to the old rusty fart: 


Carpets in position. Looking bad, but they are the only ones I got. Anyone parting out a M5 trunk carpeting?  


And finally, the last door came from paint-shop, ready to rock'n roll!! 


Almost getting the E28-feeling back now... 


And some off topic... 

As you might remember, X-mas was just here... 

Here is my little boy getting his present for Xmas 


His sister was exited too, and wanted to help him out - all went too late she thought. 



Try out... 


Mistake... He was sitting there for the rest of the night... Honestly, I think it is a good thing...  


OK guys, the previous pics are all from 2011. 

From now on, all pics will be from the day I post them. 

As all vacations and celebrations are done now, kids are back to school and kindergarden. So therefore I had some hours left today. But since I have not gotten my head back, I figured I would do some other small but needed work... First of all, Oil Cooler and hoses needed cleaning and some paint. 



I see now that I should have painted the pipes ass swell, but I will see what to do about it... 

Oilcooler in position, with fresh paint. Also a new servo-cooler pipe is mounted today. 


Pay attention to the Alpina brackets the moves the oil cooler to make space for the intercooler: 



The intercooler needed some fresh paint: 


Yes! Finally the intercooler in position, and now I am finally feeling that I do really have a Turbocharged engine...  




Original brackets from Alpina, to keep the intercooler in position. I forgot to take pics after they were mounted... Sorry. 


Painted some exhaust parts, just for it to look better  




Just a small update. Window wipers/motor needed to be mounted. 


Waterpipe, looks like it need some care, right? 


Atleast now it looks better.... 


Alpina custom air inlet, now in position.. 


Exhaust manifold assembled with a new flexi-"hose" from Alpina.. 


Looks better now, I hope my head comes back from motorshop next week... 


Here is the old B7 turbo... 


Auch, a crack in the exhaust house... 



Cleaning it, just for the sake of it... 


The new turbo is an overhault and modified turbo for the 745i, so cleck the flanges - not alike at all... 


But due to the crack in the B7 exhaust housing, I checked the "new" one for cracks. 


The "new" housing had several cracks, so I decided to go for the B7-housing. Some cleanup and paint, and I was good to go... 


The new compressor housing has a inlet of 60mm, and the old housing has a inlet of 52mm. So hopefully the spool-up would be better? 


ARPs in position. 

I had not set the pre-tension for the Pinion, I was unsure of the torque. But finally got the correct tool today, and I had to take the diff down again. 


Apart - again... 


Here is the tool, to measure the "rotating-torque" 


Just a bad pic of me  


This work needs to be done VERY carefully !!! Caution not to over tighten the nut!!!!! 


NOW it is ready!! 


The intermediate shaft was not perfect, so I decided to just get it in position. This is because I do not know the condition of the gearbox. If I need to change the gearbox, I even might to exchange to intermediate shaft. This is why I do not want to put money and effort in it now, if the gearbox shows to be good, I'll just take the shaft down again - and make it as new... 

Here is a pic of the center bearing/rubber mounting, with a pre-tension of 4 mm. 


This was the latest news from the RetroGarage... Hopefully I will get the engine head back in the end of next week, so new pics will come then...


Finally, the package arrived!! 




Head with new valve guides 


Old ones... SCRAP! 


Fresh valveseats: 


12 valves, cleaned and grinded 


Pedi showing a visiting friend a how-to: 


Old valve guides had 0,7mm clearance, spec says max 0.8mm. Now it is 0,26mm, due to used valves. Approved  


Fresh oil everywhere, and real lube for the cam lobes 


Valves are in, things are getting together.. 


Drilled the no1 cylinder sprayer hole from 1,5mm to 2mm, due to lack of flow/pressure on the old M30s. And used of course Loctite to the Banjobolts for the oil sprayer... 




I love the sight of it  


Waiting for its turn  


The headliner is a PITA, but with a friend that pushes me, at least I got a fresh start 


Soooo consentrated  


Not too much done, but just a little bit now and then - suddenly it is back on track...! 


Manifold mounted together. Threads coated with High Temp copper pasta. 


I did order only ONE inlet gasket.... Grrr.... So it all stopped... 


Due to weekend, all shops were closed. I made my own gaskets, with real "gasket-card" 


Make sure to cut away any thing in the way--- 


Intake mounted, bring it on!! 


Remember the clamps that holds the fusebox i position? Steel towards paint = rust! This is why I applied some rubber-ish material (which I do not remember the name of) to the end of the clamps 


In position again, without any possibility for rust issues 


Head gasked, with a special gasked-cement applied. 


It fits!!!! 


I made ut 2 lengths of masking-tape, and numbered the bolts, just to be a tip for those who are not too rutinated. It is a nice little detail. 


Timing chain in correct position, and I fill the little chamber with oil for pre-set the tensioner-piston. 


Pump the piston, and allow oil to enter the pistons chamber. Make sure the piston is in position to the tensionerguide. 



Added some Three Bond in the corner, to avoid further oil leaks. 



Is it room for the turbo? 


Yes, it is  


I am beeing optimistic! 


Oh yes, the baby is located where it is supposed to be... 


My friend wonder where the access for the Nuts for the flange is located  Not too much space behind there, he claims...  


Turbo is torqued, and oil return into the block is good now. 


Oil supply line: 


Next step: Wastegate. 


And connected... 


Supply line 


Just a quick pic of the engine bay. 



Some new hoses 


Valves adjusted, and everything so far is good... 


No fun. A lot of electrical bad stuff... Time-consuming to fix... 


Mounting openers and lockind devices, the prepare for the big adjusting-day. 



A great tip, is to adjust properly the "opener" before paint job. Better to do it in an early stage... 

Todays action: 

Package from USA! 


Nice example. 


I need to see if there are oil pressure before start-up, used a Mini-Mezz and a fittings. 


On site, with manometer connected. 


The manometer with a flex hose. 


Time to start adjusting the doors etc!! 


I prefer the visual gap between doors to be between 4mm and 5mm. I am aiming for the 4.5mm line 


4.6mm, suits me fine 

Heres a pic of an used shim.. 


Make sure you adjust the doors fithout the endpiece, and check clearances. It looked good at the right back door - but it was not 


This is what will happen... 


Tiny tiny adjustment.... 

Fender off, to put on some Butyl between fender and chassis. 



Getting better, dont you think so? 


Horisontal line. 


I am offshore at work right now, but got a mail from a friend of mine, that have my rims in his hands. I am quite happy now, so I wanted to share the pics he sent me--- 

This is how my 8,5"x10" - 17" Alpinas gets an "overhaul" 

Pics needs no texture, just enjoy  











2 coats of silver-metallic 








Check theese again: 


Did also spray the insides: 


What to do today? Oh yes, visit my buddy at the local wheel-dealer. 


The Bridgestone Potenza´s were a PITA to mount... 




Small detail, but I like it... 



Some new parts 


What do you think of the cover beneath the coloumn? 


Pretty nice cover due to 25 years of age, but totally broken by the hole from the old panel to the Webasto-heater. 

What to do? Yeah... Get a new one! 


Nice?? I do think so. But not "new", hehe 


Quality control 1993... 19 years in storage, that is cool. 

And another package: 


NGK AFX Wideband Lambda, this was the one and only I wanted.... 


Theese pictures i have taken now, is not for guys that are familiar with E28. They were ment to be a light DIY version of "how-to change the lights in the OBC" for those who have not done it before. This forum has a DIY, so I am not trying to copy that one. I just share theese photos for fun... 


Bought an upgraded version from Ebay 



Quite annoying with black screen, right? 


Tools needed. 


Remove 2 screws from cluster 


Use a small iron to carefully loosen the cluster out of position. 


Turn the cluster to make some room. 


Take out 2 screws to OBC-holder. 


Screws out, we are good to go. 


Take out the 3 bolts (not the black ones) that holds the OBC. 


Use a plier to pull out the light-holder 


Halfway out: 


Old vs new. 


Mount the new one, and assemble the parts again. 


Works like a dream. Took me only 15 minutes, including taking photos. No sweat, only fun...


The day before I went offshore, I finally found my problem. It was a Alpina-installed powercable that "lost" power when I turned the engine. Gave the cable permanent B+, and things happened!! 

Check the vid (sorry bad quality, I was in a hurry - and just used my Iphone): 


When I return back home, my first thing to do is exhaust, cooling system, change the starter (works periodically) and other engine-related stuff. Hopefully I will have the time to adjust the remaining chassis parts: front wings and hood. Make it ready for the spray booth... I really wish to have this car ready for summer action - it all depends on sparetime from work and the (already empty) wallet  

anyway, thank you for visiting my thread again!


Hello guys, just a little update here... 


Love this one!  

Had to change startermotor, so first of all - I had to cut an old 17mm spanner 


For more easy access: 


I went for a M70-starter, it is 2.2kW compared to the original 1,5kW M30-starter. 


Finally, it was time to mount coolant tank etc... 


My original TurboKat exhaust is in bad shape from Kat and back. So I will first of all weld onto a 535i-mid and rear exhaust - just to have an exhaust that works. I will make a custom on later... 



Drilled 19mm hole for the AFR-sensor 




Welded, ready for action... 


Mounted the exhaust bandage the wrong direction first... :stupid: :stupid: 


And off, to install it the correct way... 




Looks better now. 


Not much clearance, glad that I have the bandage...... 



Here is the flexi for the DP, not quite fancy - but does the work. 


New gaskets: 


Wastegate, ready for action as well 


I guess I need one like this? 


Ohhh... Tight fit... 




Alpina heat covers 


As the exhaust is on, time for radiator!! 


Here is the difference between the original and Alpina. Dirty Alpina hose?? 


Some cleaning does the thing  


Ready for start-up. With ignition on, I discovered that the engine was at a temp of 21 degrees celcius. Nice temp in garage at winter??  


It is lovely to finally use the exhaust-extraction!! 




A small video. No LMM installed, no vacuumhoses etc. Just wanted to hear the sound of the engine with exhaust... 


Got the part machined for the turbo-inlet: 




Installed/glued in position. 


Looks good, perfect fit. 

Leaks from the cover, damn... 


Found one, just need some care.. 


Needed to shine the covers too. 


Looks better now. 


I should have sandblasted the cover. Too much paint.... 


First layer, primer: 


All pressure-pipes got a silver color 


New parts are good  


Turned out nice, those covers. 


Made some mods to the front panel, due to tight fit. 


Good to go!. 


Another angle: 


The dump valve has not been mounted by me. The guys did this missed totally. I will fix this. 


Vacuumhoses in position, both O2-sensors installed. 



I have just ordered new spark plugs, Bosch W6DPO. Was $60 each !!!!! 

I have too low oil pressure, 0.6 bar@idle (warm) and 1.8 bar @ higher RPM.. 

Guess I have to take down the oil pan tonight, and dismantle the oil pump.... 

So this is how it looks like as of today! 

Good night, gentlemen!


Friday, and almost weekend. Got a couple of hours untill kids comes home from School and kindergarden, so I wanted to check the oilpan for the very very tiny oil sweat. I could not see the leakage before the fresh oil got a bit more black/dirty. 


Not good to see at the pic, but I now have "scratched" into the gap to see it easier. 

However, marked up with pen (dotmarks. ..) so I can get it welded. 


But first of all, I lift up the engine with such a hoist as I usually use when changing clutch on a FWD car: 


But it was such a load on the inner wings of mine, that I instead found the "overhead crane". Can take more weight, and do not charge the chassis either: 


Had to drain the oilcollector of mine, so while I waited for it, so I took a picture just as well  


Bottom pan went well off, despite destroying the gasket - but Bavaria has more in stock ...  


Pump out of the car, ready for dismantling. 


Splitted, notice how I take the lock ring off to access the valve: 


The parts that are inside the pump: 


Note the slot on the piston to the valve 


But when I was supposed to measure the wear, I found out that I did not have the specifications of the pump! I was sure I had, but guess not... Anybody have / know-tolerance specs? After what I can remember from faaar back, it is 0.12mm to 0.20mm - but I find no place on the web to verify it. 

The first measure I got in was the 0.15mm gauge. 0.20mm was too much, so it would not enter. 


Second measure, I got 0.10mm gauge in between, but the 0.15mm was too tight. 


So actually I could in a way confirm my memory of tolerance specs 0.12mm to 0.20mm as I have in my head. But please come with suggestions. 

So I measured the spring, and got an approximate measurement of 68mm .... 


Some parts had to be off. In a way, some good, because then I can spray some color on the alternator as well, to match the rest. LMM and air filter box will also be a bit fresher ..  


Took a random main bearing off, and took two pictures. Here is the first instant picture. 


Washed off some oil: 


I have never taken an inventory check after just a few runs hot, so a little unsure of how much "wear and tear" will occur to the bearings so early. Oil was relatively dirty, so I'm happy to have a start-up oil. Focusing on the next shift will be better. 

Hopefully, I will get the oil pan welded tomorrow. 

Next issue is to get higher oil pressure. Honestly, I cannot see that the oil pump had so much wear as I had hoped... Do some of you guys have the exact specs/tolerances of the oil pump?


Been a while since last update, I have been @ work, and kinda busy lately. But here are some pics for some peoples amusement... 


New pump... 


Checked the new pumps clearances ofcourse... 


Sump fixed, ready for startup... 

Oil pressure cold engine is aprox 2 bar, high revvs makes 4+ bar. 


Warm engine does not make more than 0.4-0.7 bar idle. Higher revvs 2-3 bar.... No good... 


Engine bay: 



Bought some new hats. 


Needs some adjusting  


Paint-mark the rubber ring, and cut it away 




With paint, it looks like stock. 


Some work with instrument... All was f**ked up, so tried to find some parts that works... 




Ribbon-cable could be a PITA sometimes... 


Needed some 1.2v rechargeable batteries... 

Cluster demolished 


Main printcard, checked and clear. 


SI-board hidden beneath main board 


Take away ribbon-cables 


Here you see the SI-board. 


Got some assistance from my friend while I was doing something else 


2 new batteries... 


Made a bypass past the SI-board, due to defectives. 12v +, 12v -, and speed input - just to activate speedo. 









Oh yess! 

Car needed to see some fresh air... 


Had a test-run w/o windows and everything. Just wanted to feel the wind... 

Have a short clip here, please nevermind the "sqoink-sound", it is just a handbrake-issue that I have not looked at yet. Nothing special, just good to see it moving... 

As I have too low oilpressure, I wanted to double-check the bearings, 






Status Quo: 

Main bearing 1: between 0,038-0,05mm 
Main bearing 2: between 0,05-0,076mm 
Main bearing 3: 0,05mm 
Main bearing 4: 0,05mm 
Main bearing 5: between 0,025-0,038mm 
Main bearing 6: between 0,025-0,038mm 
Main bearing 7: between 0,038-0,005mm

Got hold of some original BMW oversize color-coded bearings. 1 set blue, and 2 sets of red 


New sparkplugs was needed, damn, those were expensive!! 

"Old" bearings 


Most "worn" bearing: 


With new bearings, clearances are now 0,03mm-ish. Perfect: 


Sparkplugs, special for Alpina B7 


What the...??? 


Never seen such spark plugs before.... 

But still: oil pressure warm engine: 0,4-0,5 bar idle, 1.8 bar @ 2000 rpm and 2+ bar @ 4000 rpm. 

Visiúal inspection of the internals in the head. 


Nothing to find. 

I used a jumper between 11 and 14 in the diagnostic plug to run the startermotor w/o activating anything else. Nice tip, huh? 


Found nothing there... 

Oil filter housing, checking: 


Here it comes oil almost at once, out from the fittings away from block. Plugged the hole just to check if pressure comes earlier og gets higher. 


Nope, same low pressure, and it takes looong time to get pressure. 

Anyone have any clue here??? 

It really takes some time to get oil pressure (feels like I am filling a kind of reservoar every time...), and when it finally comes, we are talking 0.3 bar pressure when just using the startermotor. It should have been ca 1.0 bar when using the starter.


Back to business, I have been on vacation etc lately... 


Time to install the filter housing back to the block. 


Maybe it was the plug? - see item #3: 


Pics do tell it is in place. Damn.... 


Measuring how to isolate the head from block. 


Random shots of oil channels.. 


Oil channel to pressure switch.: 


Custom made item to stop oil come into head... This will make oil only into block area. 


This is how it looks like 


My thought:: 





Cranking the engine makes an oilpressure in block 0.7 bar, 0.2 bar towards head. Way too little... Filmed a sequence of engine cranking, sorry bad quality. 


Engine started: 1.2 bar @ warm engine 1800 RPM in filterhousing, 0.2 bars measured @ head. Strange?? PS! Pic shows 0.5 bar to head, pressure lowered as engine got operating temp. 


My thoughts now:: 

I cannot understand anything else than the thought of oilpressure dropping in block now. 

SÃ¥ what to do? 

Change block? 

I guess that that would be the best thing to do. 

Anyone else with similar experiences?

Oil pressure is supposed to be (BMW spec): 

Cold engine idle: aproxx 5 bar 
Warm engine idle: 0.5 - 2 bar 
Warm engine 4000 RPM: 4 - 5 bar 

Cranking engine: 1 - 1.5 bar

The Alpina-block is based on a M106, so yes, the oil nozzles are present. 

They should all be there... Hopefully... I only have one picture of them (not on my laptop here @ work), and those who are visible are present... 

EDIT: I found it on page 2 in this thread... : 


Just wanted to share some pictures again  

I have decided to do something with my shadowline, as I do not feel comfy with the Sepang Bronze color and the original Shadow black. So.... 


Airfilterhousing needed some paint also : 


Rear lights too: 


Windows front/rear: 



















Even one of my cats enjoys the Comfort of BMWs  



Pure porn... 


Pictures from today, 25th of july... 








Hopefully I will get this car in ONE color in the end of next week...


Oki Guys! 

Todays update.... Getting closer to paint now... 









Hope it looks good to you.... 

BTW... Anyone heard from RonP? I have tried to get some Alpina Deko-stripes from him, but me does not respond to my PM...


Thanks Murfinator, for the kind words. 

Regarding your post, I will come back to you later with a Q or two... 

Meanwhile, I have been at the paintshop today and shot a few teaser-pics with my Iphone. So bad lights, camera etc - but I just wanted to share... 







You guys are looking at "Sepang Bronze Metallic" from the E60 M5. Better pics will come next week. 

Have a nice weekend! 

Best wishes from Norway, 

- Ivar


Picked up an old friend today  


Finally back where he belongs, at Retrogarasjen 


More pics to come later on....


Just wanted to share some photos.... 



Some parts from the paintshop 


First assembly was the covers on the C-pillar.. 




Nice? Finally we are on the right track here... 

Just needed to see how the rear lights looked on the car 


Hood covers 



Hushmat to reduce noise 



Remember the infamous "spoooiinnngg" sound when you are shutting the doors on the E28? Here is the sinner: 


In position. 


I just used a shrink tube. 




New clips 


Broken door lock 


just a few more shots... 




There will be more soon... 

Had a couple of pics also that I wanted to share.. It suddenly started to rain a couple of days ago, so here we go: 


Auch, so much water.... 


The kids' playground was all of a sudden a swimmingpool.. 


One not too happy Beemer with all this water.... 


And here is one even less happy.... 


15 cm (6 inches) of dirtwater flooding my garage......

Got everything dried out, and wanted to save the drowning window motor 


Still pouring some water 





Flushed the gearbox, was alot of dirt in there 


Motor in pieces 


A little heat earlier? 


With some loving hands, it looks better now 


More dirt: 


As good as new 


Assembled again 


Pay attention during assembling to the rotating bearing, as seen here in the hole 


All lubricated 


With a good help from my buddies:  


Adjusting the window by using the screw in the center of the pic 


Lines up like this 


Alot of small details... 


I almost forgot this little fellow 


New seals around the hinges 


New screws (before - after) 



More details: 


With this as a result 




Did the same with the rear door, but no need to double up the pics, right? 


More pics: 




Just a crappy photoshoot: 




Ready for the next side 


Thats it for today 

So here it is, how it looks like right now... 


Sorry guys, I have been kinda buzy (work + garage) to update the thread here - so I will fill you in: 

Got a package the day befor I went to work: "New" M106 block. 


Also refurbing a B9 engine at the same time. 

New block ready for paint etc 



B9-engine to be in position 


Ready for action: 


I just went for solving the oilpressure issue, here we go! 



Head must go off  



This one should be in the car, not outside  


Some misc pics 




The B9-engine owner getting ready for dismantlig  


Myself was working on my own car 




No gearbox 



Some internals seeing daylight again 


Back to basic ?? 


Ehh.. What?? 


B9 also going on... 


Back to the B7 engine block 


Quite a while ago 


Pic of nozzles, but only 4 showing in this pic... 

Pic from today, showing the last two cylinders... 


Another angle 




What the heck??? Obviously the 2 nozzles are missing. My guess is that when I washed it, they fell out, without me noticing it... 

So... What's next? 

I decided to use the "new" block due to better measurements in the cylinders. So I just had to convert the M106 to "Alpina spec" 



Oil return 


B9 picture 


Refreshed the "new" block 


6 new nozzles 



6 x nozzles in position 


Just checking tolerances, 100% 




Alpina had (on this engine) 92.08mm cylinders, and the new block has 92.00mm, so I traced 6 used 91.97mm pistons 


Ready !! 


Nice with good friends and good mood! 


Keep on truckin' !! Pistons on their way! 


Ring end gap 100% also 


All in! 


New oil pump in position 






More work done: 


Gearbox and block in position! 


2 seals instead of one, no leaks please 


Just locking the rear left shaft, to prevent it from moving. 


BMW gasket 


cant stop now?? 


Aaaaand it is on! 


ARPs mounted 


ready for first start-up 


Finally oilpressure by just cranking the starter 


1.5 bar @starter, that is 1 bar more that with the other block installed. 

First start-up, no exhaust - no nothing.  


not bad for first start-up 

Finally!! Celebrate!! 


Idle warm engine 


0.8 bar idle is ok. Touching the throttle, it goes to 1.1 at once... Some more revvs, I have 3.0 bars at once. 


One dirty engine... 





Right wheelarch 


Dry glue, and clamps off 




Holes for the Alpina spoiler 


The instrument panel does all the time finds new problems, so only one thing to do: 






Old VS new 


back in business 


And it works. Got a temp sensor from George Graves: 




And it works!! 


Some paint.... 


new brackets for Euro bumpers 


Todays work (6th of sept) 


In position 


left rear arch... nice! 




Original Alpina spoiler  


Added some more details 





Tonight I had some 2k epoxy for my brackets... 


2k epoxy for the inner wheel arch 


Rear spoiler 


Dry mount first, and used some tape to guide it in position 


Other side 


Lines look good! 


THIS IS FUN: (Sneak peek pic  ) 


Holy Cow!!!! 

I like it! 



To round things off: 


Good night from Norway!!


Hi guys! 

Been a while since last update now. I just want to share some more pictures with you. 

The last one in position: 


I am happy now... 


Front bumper parts... 


Looking better, but some parts are still in order. Est delivery week 42.. 


Everything is ofcourse dipped in Tecyl 


Got some friends that pushes me with the roof headliner... 


Me and Roald in action: 




Not an easy job, I must admit that. 


Back and forth... damn.. 


Many hours later.... 


Even more hours... 



My front lights are no good... They need some care... 




Sandblasted the frames... 


Looking better now with some fresh paint. 


Small package with small parts... 


Screws and small pieces are needed... 

Rear bumper list finally in the house. Now I just need the front center frame from BMW, and I will be good to go... 


I have been looking forward to see those two goodies.. 





Another one... 


Guess what? 


Getting warmer? 


Nice new leather... 



Not blue anymore, now black leather... 


All details in black 


Love beeing Pedi today: 


For the roof... 


4-spoke original Alpina, refreshed: 


With details : 






Personally, I love this....



And now: 




Good to finally have the headliner done... 




Rear shelf 


More pics 


Not wrong at all, IMHO....!!! 



Sorry for not updating lately, I have been busy lately - so I have not done too much with the E28 due to me attending a new job. 

Thank you guys for the kind words! 

anyway, I needed a new cover for my Iphone - and found this on Ebay  


I have used a special foam to ensure that water stays in the door, and to silence the door even more... 


Mounted on one door... 


Looking better? 


Left rear door 


Damn, I cannot find all pieces. The only one I did find, was broken. But new ones are placed in order... 


New front window, green with a green shade. Bronze front windshield are out of stock, this is the only reason I have gone for the green window solution instead og bronze. 




Too short in both ends, I have to take the list out again, warm it and try to stretch it alittle... 


Endclips rear... 


Ready for assembly... 


This list was waaay to short (I did not remember that from disassembly), so I have placed a order for a new one. 


All windows are in, just moonroof left now - and the car is "waterproof"  

Rear window: 


Not much of an update, but all small steps are one step closer to finish-line, right? 

Here is the E28 as we speak: 

I have been busy in my new job, but got a couple of hours yesterday. That was nice, since I have some small things to do: 

First out was to put final layer of paint to brackets. 


Coated, ready for some Tectyl before assembly. 



While I was waiting for the parts to dry, I figured that I should put together the rear bumper 


All pieces new, dipped in Tectyl before and after assembly 




Completed rear bumper, just missing the brackets... 


Front bumper missed left and center rubberpieces: 


Hopefully I will get the center from BMW germany next week. 


Better and better.. 


I think it looks nice though...  


Some small parts I needed... 


So that allowed me to complete left rear door. 


A-pillars looks sad without cover 


Much better... 


And a final pic... 

I just had to take a pic like this. Not too often I have the pleaseure of having 2 original brand new, fresh painted bumpers with all accessories new ass swell mounted on a car. Me likey...  


Thanks guys, for the kind words! I really appreciate that. 

I have got a new job, so I have not too many hours left to be in the garage nowadays. But I will give you a few pics og the small things I have done since last update. 

Figured that I wanted to clean my headlamps in the dishwasher... "that must be a good idea..." 






Wise-ass-Pedi thought he was smart. 70 degrees celsius and soap was the recipe that day..... 


Total failure. The lamps were so clean that the reflectors were washed "away"... 


The best of the remains... 

Luckily, not everything was a failure. 

Sorry, bad pics. Here is the rear bumper: 




Time to prep the sunroof before assembly. 

Not all parts are similar when going from steel sunroof to one in glass. 


The windspoiler must go when glassroof is installed. Damn, I would like to have that piece installed 


No damage to the plastic insert! 





Rusty... Ofcourse... 


Needs to be drilled out... 


Ready for some lube...: 


Needs some refresh: 


Got home some used lamps, btw... 


Yeah... Myself in action..... 



New round with the dishwasher. This time NO soap, and only 50 degrees Celcius....  


The 4 lamps were not too good, but I wanted to give them a try... 


Better looking... 


Reflectors made it this time, but the glasses are worn... 

Painted some small parts... 


And even more.... 


2 layers black and 2 layers clear coat. 



Some small, but needed parts  


Seen this before? 


For the rear curtain.. 

Finally, I got the new cover over the radiator. 




Another layer... 


This is for glass sunroof 



Duhhh... I need to order new shiny screws  


Locking the mechanism to get the waiers even... 




New gaskets 




6 bolts, three on each side 





That 's all folks. Not much, but everything needs to be done. 

have a nice weekend guys!


It was time to update here now... Only small things happe theese days, but here are pics nevertheless: 


Small details: 


Roof cover 





Had to install the rest of the door covers 


Damn, I did a mistake, I cut the wrong hole! CRAP! I need to install a plastic cap now..... 




Some pics from paint-shop, my plastic details are getting a makeover.... 










Shiny black, nice... 








The parts are not installed, due to some dust etc - so some parts will have another layer before I get the parts home... 

I have a pic here of the cap I will use, and a pic of how it would look like... 



Got some packages: 


Nice wrapping, but not Alpina-parts inside though  


Contained a coverplate for 524td, I did not like it. I will continue my search for an original euro cover 


Since the seats are so nice, I thought I wanted to shine up the rest too. 



Broken cover, new ordered 


As the parts are ready for sandblasting, I'll continue with theese : 


I must admit that I do not want to cut in my new headliner 


New hooks are needed, here is the old one 




Ended well though... 


Happy that I did it, I love it now... 


Hood needs an insulationcover on the inside 



New parts: 


Glue drying: 


One side: 


The other side: 


Finally got the seal for the rear lock: 


I forgot this earlier, so here it is: 


In place, soaked in Tectyl: 


More new parts, for rear window, see the short damaged old one.. 


Remember a dirrrrty rear light? 


Both rear lights polished, ended up nice: 



Finally, where they belong. With new bulbs ofcourse: 



Bad picture-quality, sorry... 


New parts, not installed yet: 


Got only one of theese, the other one is on its way: 


Missing alot here, they are also ordered. For the moonroof. 


Clips for sensor, air temp: 


I know this is not where it is supposed to be, but I decided to put it there... 




Also a new cover, nut and filter for servo/brakeoil. 


Some pics of the filterchange: 


Pay attention to the tensioned spring beneath the clips.... 


Good to go.. 


The internal parts: 


Assembly is just opposite, here are the tool I needed for simplify the job. 



Fill oil up to 16mm from top, after you have pushed the brakepedal some times first. 


Engine bay getting better: 


And I got a reminder: 


I will get a cable from a used wreck soon... 

2 used headlamps, low... 


Second package: 


Yeah! New lamps: 


Wrecked old lamps, never to end up on a car again...: 






New clips, and properly Tectyled: 


Aaaaand we got'em mounted! 




Low beam: 


High beam! 


Center console 


Dirty, and the old Alpina plaque was almost dead... 


Directly from Alpina :  


Looking better 


E-brake rubber. 


Ofcourse... I am missing the two plugs on the console. I'll deal with it later. 


New parts again: 


Had only one holder, and that was bad too. Got to get a few used ones... 


Used parts again, looks like crap. Washing and grinding... 


Silver paint makes it better 


Better, and with new screws... 


New screws here too 


Just checking, adjustments needs to be done.. 


And yes, I will go for white blinkers. 

Polished headlight rings: 


Got some friends for visit:  


Blasted some parts 


Crap, no good... 


Some work to do, oh yes... 




Paint applied, not clear coat yet though... 


Antenna is the black edition, but the nut came ofcourse in chrome... 


Had to dig this up: 


3 layers of Plasti Dip, 3 more to go: 


Vipers, Bosch ofcourse... 


Opened the package: 


Do they come in in bits'n pieces? 

Naaah.. Got to spray the wipers too, ofcourse....  

More primer: 



Got some used holders... 

Into the dishwasher...  

Better now: 


Finally, here they are. Pay attention to the cable - I finally got one for my coolingtank. 


Two layers of black, nice... 


And they works!! 


Due to some people arguing about yellow vs white blinkers, I had a pic with yellow ass swell. It still is white that I am going for. 


Washersystem needs to be done too, so let get started... 


New washer-motor: 


The hose was too stiff, so I have to do something else... 


Last package from BMW... New covers and bolts etc for the seats.. 


That was all from me this weekend! 

I also have to say, that BuzzBomb on this phorum have been very helpful and ordered some Alpina-dekostripes for me. Thank you, Anthony! I cannot thank you enough!!


As I have been so busy with my new job, there ain't too much update, but a few more new photos are there... 

I had to fix the right indicator in the cluster that did not work, so here we go again  : 


changed the bulb... Just the same... I dismantled it quite a few times, and after some measuring - I found the problem. Bad connection in the blue connector.... Stole a couple of hours of my spare time  


Lousy pic, but you see them both lid up  

Next step: The fresh steering wheel: 


Freshened up the adjusters for the front seats 




A-pillar covers 


Alpina footrest has gotten 6 layers of PlastiDip 


Forgot where the long and the short wiperarm should go... 




I will come back to this...

I had both 450mm wipers, but got a 530mm for drivers side... 




530mm and long arm on drivers side - no good  



New seatbelt locks 


A-pillar covers mounted 



The latest "to-do-list"  


Theme of the day was my love to the E39 inner LED lights,,, 






THOSE guys are going into my car! No doubt about that  


Due to limited space, I had to take the unit totally apart 




Ready for installation: 


Looks very nice in position, just the way I wanted... 


Power on! 


Perfect inner lights! 

First pic in the dark 


Hard to get a nice pic with my camera, but I guess you see the picture? 


Sorry 'bout bad pics....

Santa did finally remember me, and sent his little helper: 


She brought antenna wiring, a few switches and some wipers for my lamps 


She also brought height adj. frame for my seat, so now I got adjustable for both seats... 


Finally I can get to finish up the seats later on.... 

Another nice piece of delivery arrived my door, but they came from the paint shop: 


Each one with their own hard package  

The sills that were grey and booring, now black and shiny 


Grilles!!! Damn, that ended up nicely!! 




Looking forward to assemble theese parts... 

But.... there are more.... 

Outer side rearview mirrors: 

What do you think?: 


Black mirrors? 

Not quite my style?? 

lets turn it: 


Two-tone? Needs black "foot" against black details, right??... 

Last detail: 


I am satisfied. Me likey! 

Just for the looks, not finally in position. 


Another view: 

Last picture, taken on 31.12.12... 

Just a Happy New Year-photo... 

Please follow me into 2013, and I will put some hours aside in January for further assembly and picture updates! 

Thanks guys! 

I started working on it December 2010. Due to alot of travelling in my work, and trying to be a "good" father to my 5 kids - it is not always easy to spend so many hours in the garage as a 18 year old eager and single youngster could do....  

But I have used my hours well I think, and I am at the finishing line now. How deep I am into the car? All in all you mean, or just the restoration part? I guess the restoration so far (I have not done all the math yet) brings me towards the wrong side of $30k mark.... 

But I got a few hours last night, so I started doing some paintwork. First out was the covers to the wiperarms... 


The covers for my Recaros get a final touch: 




Had to fix the electric antenna too  


And now it works again.... 


Combination of some glue and support 


Ends up like this... 


Switch for the antenna.... 


Mirrors needed new screws and rubbergaskets 


Adjusted and fully mounted. 



Covers with speakers.... 




Grill mounted. Adjusted grilles, lights and washers... 


Looks more and more like a car now... Happy days! 

But no car without seats, so I had to do some work there too... 


New covers, locks and some fresh paint: 


Can not install those nice seats without new screws.... 


Getting somewhere now... 




That's all for today, but atleast I have done a New Years Update!! 

Thanks for watching!


I gave the car some fresh 2013-air today, and had to take some photos. Please enjoy my progress so far. 2013 will be a good year  






Had to install passengers seat before I drove it out of the garage... 


Nothing special today, just wanted to share my amusement of this Saturday!

I had 3 hours in the garage today, for some detailing-work. Needs to be done, even though it consumes hours... 

First out, needs to put some color to my new screws... 


While drying, I installed the upper list for the rear window,,, 


Finally installed the cover over the radiator 


The list in the front window was too short, remember? I need a new one later. As for now, I took two pieces from the old rear list, and installed/glued it in front temporary. 


Added another layer of paint for the screws, but I see that I will apply a third layer tomorrow. 


Finally replaced the cable to the coolantsensor... 


Black cover did not look well.... 


Got a white one front a storage in USA... 


White is better than black... 


White is also better than yellow  


Time to install the cover for the left headlight. Had only from 518, a dirrrrty old one... 


A little cleaning, and a new screw/clip does a better job 


Air intake for the 518 engine needs to be plugged. A cover from a spraycan, slightly modified... 


Ready for installation... 


Looks better in real life... 


Right blinker... 


And now it is goodnight here from Norway... 


This is just how I left the garage today.... 


What I did was rather simple, I located the reinforcement frame in the roof (on each side ofcourse). Then I pressed two fingers onto the frame (not into, hehe..), to simulate correct "tension" to the headliner from the "reciever-to-come". Then cut a "X" within the frame, corner to corner. My headliner was kind of 2-layer, so I used the scalpel to remove some of the white innerliner. My intention was to glue to headliner to the frame, but the recievers sat perfectly. "SNAP", and they went onto position. No glue needed. 


Not quite an exiting update, but I had just a hour and two in the garage yesterday. 

I adjusted the sunroof, and exchanged the old screws. 

Here are some new screws  


Some of the ones that needs to be changed, for nicer apperance only: 


And here (sorry bad pictures).... 


New screws installed  : 


Finally I could find the rubber "gasket" for the engine compartment. I also found a gasket for my drivers door, which was in better condition than the one I already had installed. 


Cleaned up the engine compartment gasket, and mounted it: 


This pic is better that the last one of the engine bay. And why? Gasket installed and screws finished painted. Nice, 2 spots taken off my "to do-list". Each small step get me closer to the finish line... 


Got a small package yesterday, with some minor but vital parts. 

I had just a hour, due to that I was kinda busy yesterday. But one hour was enough to install the few new parts... 


Do you know what the 4 rubber pieces are? 

TBH, they are 4 pieces that have annoyed me for a long time. I thought they were NLA, but suddenly they showed up. Here are the old ones, as they always appear to look like... 


New one installed, fresh look - but reveals that I should have done a better cleaning job behind those parts... 


Nevertheless, it looks better... 

ordered the white hose for washerjets, but recieved black (not original I guess..). I should have ordered more, cause the new ones makes the "old" one look not so nice anymore. And yes, I know it is not the original routing, but I want it this way. 


The green clips are original, maybe I should change them to black ones... 

Painted the pedal-set and mounted new rubber. Suddenly I discovered that the acc-pedal neds to be new - so I have ordered a new one from BMW. 


Just missing a clean-up, and a set of new velour-mats now... 

And finally, new mirror glass... 



Aaaand right  .... 


Not much today, but I just wanted to share! 


Due to that I am in the "final" stage in assembly now, there are so many small and not visible things that do not show. So therefore I have no assembly-photos today. The only pic I got is a pic of the rear where I applied some Tec-7 to ensure that no dirt can come between rear panel and the M-lists.. Boring picture, I know.... 



But something nice did I need to do, so I decided to do something most-wanted for a long time now: 



Not quite...  

Not quite happy with this pic either, but it shows me on the day Alpina-stickers finally can see the daylight again.... 


The adhesive sticker was total crap, I had no problem understanding that - my guess is that this sticker is 25 years old. So I had to add glue...  


NOW it is time to smile  


The other side... 


a couple more: 



Tried to do some camera-stunts, but neither of me nor the camera was qualified for this kinda stunts.... 


That you for your attention! 

Oh.... I got this photo that a friend took with his phone, so I can add that one too: 


Saturday was yesterday, and I got a friend over for a nice visit. He is able to do something that I can not. Grinding and repolishing the paintwork.... Pictures do not do justice, sorry! 


Half of the roof is grinded with 1500-paper, to take the "tops" in the structure of the paint... 

First a round with 1500 paper, then 2000 and 4000-paper in the end. 


I guess he used 3 hours on just the roof... 



Work in progress: 


Just some pics... 









No comments: 


Now hood is done too... Picture taken with blitz.. 


Trunk, C-pillars and sides are remaining to another day. 6 hours just for roof/hood is enough for one day 


Got some minor details done yesterday... 

First out was theese two gentlemen: 


New covers and new screws, nice... 

Installed my (worn) mats and inner sills at the same time: 


Looks like this now... 


Alpina footrest spot-on... 




(And YES, I have seen the worn hole in the floormat) 




Time to install theese bratz: 


In posistion, cutting finished: 


Looks better now, right? 


Not much, but needs to be done!


Just wanted to share a couple of pics I have... 





Recieved a package from Alpina 


Nice wrapping?  


New sensor installed: 




All lined up: 


But instrument still does not work... I got some more troubleshooting to do, grrrr.... 

This cover... I always wondered where it should be located.. 


But suddenly I remembered... 


Not a good assembly solution with such screws, but I had no original mounting parts... 


Out with the old pedal 


The new looks better... 


That's all for now... I am still waiting for the numberplate cover, so that I can attach the new front bumper...