E28 Dyno Database by Brad D.

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E28 Dyno Database

Compliments of Brad D. @ www.mye28.com

BMW e28 Dyno Database 

The goal of this thread is to collect as many dyno plots of various e28s in one place for future reference. This gives everyone a good database of plots for various mods, boost levels and engines. I have dug through the forum and found a good selection of plots and have included a few notes regarding each setup. These are from various users, some who no longer post here or who are inactive. If any of these dyno plots are yours and you have a more current plot you would like to include please post it and a short list of mods. Since I cannot do an extensive list of mods for each plot, it would be beneficial for that user to chime in with a post of their own plot and a list of mods. I will then remove the repeat image from this initial post. Remember, that some of the plots show uncorrected power while some show SAE or STD corrections. The type of dyno will also color the wheel horsepower number. Take each plot with a grain of salt when comparing them. The plots appear in no particular order but have been separated into forced induction and naturally aspirated categories. Enjoy and get to posting up your plots! 

Forced induction 


Owner: Big Bronze Rim - My own dyno from November of last year. This is on an turbo m30b35. Boost level was about 8.5 psi. 


Owner: grsmonkey this is at 10psi on a TCD S2 kit with a built b34 block with a b35 head. 


Owner: Jeremy Running a TCD S1 kit non-intercooled at 10psi. 


Owner: turbodan 528e with head and .86AR GT2871 turbo 


Owner: RussC Running a original Dinan Turbo kit at 10 psi falling to 8 at the end of the run. The engine is a m30b35 with chip tuned Motronic 1.3 and FMU. 


Owner: Russianblue 528e with head, Ireland Engineering 272 cam MS running around 13.5psi 


Owner: TCD car is a 745i at 1 bar of boost with a chip and FMU. 


Owner: TCD I believe this plot is from an e34 (m30b35) at 8psi 


Owner: red535t e34 with an m30b35 and custom turbo system at 15psi. 


Owner: N/A press release dyno plot comparing a stock 745i to a 735i 


Owner: TCD TCD S2 kit with MLS HG and studs running 17psi 


Owner: GragATL this engine has a b35 head and was running 14 psi but boost fell to 9psi at the end of the run. Hopefully Greg has an updated plot. 

Naturally Aspirated 


Owner: Jeremyb34 with a TCD CAI and a Metric Mechanic Exhaust 


Owner: Duke euro e28 with a worked Hartge head and cam, headers, chip and S-AFC 


Owner: Brent in NZ Hartge 535i - this is an M5 with an s38 


Owner: Alpina740 b34 with K&N filter and a Dinan chip 


Owner: M5BB built s38 in an M5 


Owner: MAJSU WuWuA euro b34 with K&N panel filter 


Owner: Peter Florance b34 running MS1 and a euro 528i exhaust (smaller piping) 


Owner: ShawnD high mileage b34 with a DSylva chip and custom Magnaflow 2.5 exhaust 


Owner: Martin Bacon e34 (m30b35) stock dyno 


Owner: gary242 b35 with Schrick 284 cam and Paul LaDue headers 


Owner: jcbe34 built 3.6L m30 with a 290 cam 


Owner:Bob e30 ‘335i with an m30b35 swap running a Conforti chip 


Owner: Dinan press release dyno for Dinans chip gains