Installing an E39 M5 trunk lip spoiler by Elvis530i

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Installing an E39 M5 trunk lip spoiler

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Aha, you say, this needs a DIY? You'd think not, but more than one person in the E39 forum has done it only to report later that it somehow came off. So, since I did mine recently, and it's still there, I figured I'd post a how-to.

First, you need a trunk:

It needs to be clean but not sterile. Typical quick detailing spray should be enough, unless you've waxed recently, in which case you should use a spray cleaner like Windex that will remove the wax. DON'T GET CARRIED AWAY WITH THIS. The use of petroleum distillates like acetone or turpentine is not a good idea, as they are notorious for leaving a residue that will attack the adhesive on the tape, and your spoiler will likely fly off at some point while you're barreling down the freeway.  

Next, using some packing tape, position the spoiler on your trunk. Tape it down on the front only (you'll see why in a moment). 

Be as anal as you possibly can with this to be sure you've got it the way you want it. Run your fingers along the edges to be sure it's not sticking out anywhere it shouldn't be. Check it out from several angles to make sure it all looks straight. Then go get someone else to see what they think. 

When you're satisfied, lift up one end and peel off the very end of the tape covering. Some of these spoilers have two strips of tape. If you've got one of those, as I did, peel off only one at a time, and start with the front one (if you start with the rear one, you won't be able to get at the tape in the front without pulling up all the packing tape). 

Then, keeping the spoiler down on the deck, slowly pull it back (not up) from under the spoiler. 

The tape will adhere instantly, so do it slowly and make sure it's not getting out of position. If there is a second strip of tape, lift up the end again and peel that one off too. 

Press down firmly across the whole length of the spoiler to be sure you've got a good seal.

You're done. Enjoy!