Project Dubai - V12 E38 BMW Restoration by M539 Restorations

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Part 1: Delivery and Familiarization

You watched Doug DeMuro review a mint example of BMW E38 750iL. Here's how a neglected one looks like and what it takes to bring it back to the condition it once was. 

Part 2: The Mechanical Bits

With this video, we begin the restoration process of my neglected BMW 750iL. You will watch and listen to the sound of ratchets, spanners, hammers, torque wrenches and man breathing heavily at work.  

Repairs that were done in this episode: 

Complete suspension overhaul 

- Selector shaft seal leak 

- Power steering leak 

- Lower oil pan leak 

- Adjusting the oil pump chain slack 

- Differential oil change

Part 3: More Mechanical Bits

I did break some stuff in this video but I also fixed a few as we continue with the restoration of my neglected BMW E38 750iL and preparing it for German TÜV inspection. Also, 2 new projects revealed at the end of the video!  

Repairs/work done in this video: 

- Replacement of batteries 

- Spark plugs 

- Distributor caps & rotors 

- Belts & pulleys 

- A/C compressor pulley 

- Power steering pump 

- Fuel filter 

- Rear brakes 

- Tires 

- Rear swing arm bushings 

- Transmission service 5HP30 

- Flex disc & center support bearing 

- Rear taillights and license plate holder

 Part 4: The Battle

Word "glue" comes up a lot in this one as the time has finally come for this 7 series to meet German TÜV inspection and become roadworthy. A lot gets achieved and with this video, we are pretty much done with the mechanical restoration of this car. The 7er is at last in perfect running and driving condition.  

BMW 7 E38 Bi-xenon MH1 Projectors - 

Repairs/work done in this video: 

- Headlights refurbished and upgraded with Bi-xenon projectors 

- Electric rear headrest repaired 

- Fixing up of the interior 

- Tint removal 

- Power folding mirror repair 

- Airbag module replacement 

- Windshield replacement 

- Kidney grills 

- Brake lines 

- Fuel injectors 

- Intake manifold gaskets resealed 

- Battery isolation switch 

- Camshaft position sensor  

Part 5: Almost There

In this video, we take the 7er on a drive down the Autobahn for the very first time. This restoration is slowly entering into the final phase. In this episode, I lower and raise the car (yup, you read it correctly), nail Alcantara on the headliner, replace some speakers... also, I talk for a bit in the end. 



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