740IL Oil Change DIY

Vehicle: 2001 740IL
Time/Difficulty: 20 min/easy
Parts Needed:
  • 8 quarts of Oil I used 5W-30 Synthetic
  • Oil filter
Tools Needed:
  • 17 mm wrench
  • Jack and jack stands
  • Oil filter wrench
  • Pan to catch oil
  • Funnel
By stevegolf
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4 minute read

Changing your oil is basic maintenance that everyone should be able to do. Going to the Jiffy Lube is easier and less messy but you can save a couple bucks doing it yourself.

First safely jack up your car and put on jack stands.

Open the hood and open up the oil cap on top of the engine. It’s best if you let your engine cool a little so you don’t burn yourself.

Place the pan under the oil drain plug to catch the oil. The drain plug is 17mm. Using a wrench instead of a socket will keep your sockets from getting oily.  Once it’s loose enough that you can use your hands, do that. Let the oil drain. Wearing rubber gloves will make cleanup easier.

Remove the cap that covers the oil filter. You can use a standard oil filter strap style wrench or a large socket. Once unscrewed you can pull the cap and filter out as once piece. It will drip oil everywhere so make sure you have a place for it. Just yank it down and you’ll be able to get the old filter off the cap. Replace the o ring on the cap and install the new filter in the same orientation as the old one. Reinstall the oil filter cap.

When the oil is drained install the drain plug. Use a funnel to add 8 quarts of oil. Close the cap and run the car for a few seconds. Check the oil level on your dipstick, mine was dead center.

Take your car off your jackstands and your done! Run the car for a minute and check to make sure the oil filter and drain plug aren’t leaking. Make sure to dispose of your oil properly.