Project Malaga - V12 BMW E31 Garage Find by M539 Restorations

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Part 1: Forgotten for 16 Years

You join me on a road trip to Malaga, Spain as I hunt down a rare and beautiful BMW specimen: 1992 E31 850i with a 6-speed manual gearbox and sunroof delete. As I discovered later, it was owned by a family of artists who are related to the famous painter Pablo Picasso. Sadly, the 8er has been heavily neglected and its last technical inspection dates back to 2004.  

Part 2: Back in Service after 16 Years

Fast-paced, wrench action-packed revival of a 1991 BMW E31 850i that was left to rot in a garage for the last 16 years before I acquired it. In this video, we bring this mighty V12 back to life. Towards the end of the video, I made a breakdown of parts and their cost. Also, in the end I give a hint of what the next M project car is! 

P.S. I upgraded the camera so the video quality should be much better!  

Repairs/work done in this video:  

Replacement of all fluids (engine, coolant, brake fluid, gearbox, differential...) 

All filters (engine, cabin, fuel...) 

Fuel pumps & fuel sender unit 

Spark plugs Ignition wires 

Distributor caps & rotors 

Belts & pulleys 

Oil pan gasket 

Expansion tank & radiator 

Water pump & thermostat 

Valley pan gasket 

Fuel injector service 

Clutch slave cylinder 

Camshaft banjo bolts with locking tabs 

Valve cover gasket Intake manifold gaskets 

ABS pump & brake lines 

Seat twist repair 

Detailing of the interior  

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My dream car right here

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