Solid taillights, backup lights wired to my brake lights/turn signals

Vehicle: 1955 Chevy 2dr Hardtop
Time/Difficulty: Simple for me. Took about 1 hour
Parts Needed:
  • Solid taillights, wire solder,heat shrink
Tools Needed:
  • Wire cutters/strippers, solder,heat shrink. I don't recommend using sta-cons.
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I took the backup, or reverse lights and wired them to my brake light/turn signals since you can't see my backup lights that well with the solid lenses anyway. I may at some point add some led backup lights if I can find some that I can mount discretely. All I did was to splice into my turn signal light on each side and add the wire from my backup lights to those. Since your brake lights and turn signals use the same wire, it is pretty simple.