Lowered my vette - how I did it by corvettedan

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Lowered my vette - how I did it

Compliments of corvettedan @ www.corvetteforum.com

Below is a good instructional on how to lower the front and rear.


The rear was easy and took 1 hour. The front was not to bad just took a lot of time, probably 6 hours.

Now the thing is your moving the spring closer to the car, which makes the car sit lower. There is several ways to do that. Some people use the mid america shim. 2-part epoxy it on. Others just cut the entire rubber off letting it sit super slammed. Some remove the aluminum shim in conjunction with that. Others leave it. Basically it seems like you can do any thing to get your custom height. 

I was not a fan of this epoxy garabage. What I did was jack the car up, get every thing apart and figure it out. 

I removed the top part of the busing leaving a channel in the original rubber. This was how I got rid of the need to have to epoxy, and I think this is stronger, better and neater.

I opted to re used the spacer which now sits in my channel perfectly. In this pic you can see that it would be a comparable height to the mid america shim (with out the spacer). I think that by keeping the spacer and using the original rubber it probably have a more secure set up.

Here you can see how it sits together.

I think if you have 84-87 you need to used the upgraded brakets which you will have to trim to match your custom height, and keep every thing tight.

After that shine every thing up and put it back together.

Heights In my opinion -my experience and research.

Stock - Do nothing.

Classy low - Cut rubber down and use metal shim (like I did)

The SLAM - Cut rubber down and just use it as a cushion

THE AS LOW AS IT CAN GO- Cut all rubber off and use nothing. Seems nuts to me but some people have sworn by it.