JBA Shorty Header Install by racindemon

By stevegolf
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JBA Shorty Header Install

Compliments of racindemon @ www.challengertalk.com

Just installed shorty headers and all I can say is wow that was exhausting . A buddy mechanic helped with the install. I would have probably not been able to do it on my own. Jba shorty headers look well constructed over stock. But everything factory looks cheap compared to aftermarket. Beware below pics are graphic and may offend some viewers. My mechanic is a little old school and almost decided to pull the motor out completely lol. 

Below stock jba shorty and aftermarket


Motor mounts both removed

Mids removed and engine  lifted about an inch

Area is very tight

Everything installed and lined up perfectly. No hiccups or problems encountered. Can it be done without removing half this stuff probably but if you have the means remove everything. As far as sound same O, same O. Sounds the same r/t auto 2011 with magnaflow mufflers and no resonators. Cai, catch can trinity tune and now shorty headers . Seat of pants down low but passed 4000 rpms feels a little more preppy. Waiting to do a custom tune next week or so then ill report back. 

350hp 370trq. But that was with the 93cai. In all fairness I'm not expecting much but I will also be doing a custom mail tune so it will be hard to tell how much the headers actually will give me. I think overall including tune maybe 20 more at the wheels. I'm attributing most of that number to the actual tune. 

I installed the factory gaskets. And if I had to guess your going to need help. Can it be done alone maybe but you will need a garage to keep the car in just in case you don't finish weather lately has sucked. 

Update: just had a custom email done by Johan and incredible. My car has never felt like that. Told him current mods including headers and car feels amazing. Highly recommend him. I haven't even data logged all I can say is incredible.... 

Sorry I have been gone for a while. Recently have a newborn and forgot how much work, I mean fun this is. My car originally dynoed 347hp 367torq. With the 93 Cai tune. I installed the jba shortys and installed a custom tune and got 355/386. I then data logged and sent him the info. He adjusted it/tweaked it a little and today I dynoed 364.07hp and 394.36torq. I am very pleased with the numbers. Car is running strong and feeling good. All dyno runs were done at the same time in the morning 10am and the same dyno was used.