2nd Gen Ford Escape Blower Motor Resistor Replacement

Vehicle: Ford Escape
Time/Difficulty: 30min/Easy
Parts Needed:
  • Blower Motor Resistor
Tools Needed:
  • 8mm socket
  • Ratchet
By svalente315
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1 minute read

In this video I go through replacing a blower motor resistor. It's pretty straight forward, inexpensive and best of all you get all your fan speeds back! Click through to watch the video, or keep reading for written instructions.

If you don't have all your fan speeds, chances are your blower motor resistor is toast. It sits on top of the heater box behind the glovebox door.

1) Open your glove box and using both hands press in the sides of the glovebox. This will release the tabs from the IP and the door will fall open.
2) On top of the heater box you'll see a wire running to a plug, and two machine screws. Undo those screws with an 8mm socket.
3) Pull the resistor straight up and out, disconnect it from the plug, and install your new one.

I typically don't install the screws all the way. These are such a pain to get to, and dies so often that I want it to be easier the next time I have to replace it. Comment here of the YouTube video if you have any questions!