2nd Gen Ford Escape Wheel Bearing Replacement & What Went Wrong

Vehicle: Ford Escape
Time/Difficulty: Moderate to Hard/Plan on a weekend
Parts Needed:
  • Wheel Bearing
Tools Needed:
  • 19mm socket
  • 18mm socket
  • 32mm socket
  • 8mm socket
  • 15mm socket
  • 18mm wrench
  • Breaker bar
  • Screw driver
  • Pliers
  • Sledge hammer
  • Impact gun
  • Hydraulic press & or hub/bearing removal tool
  • Bench Vise
  • Angle grinder
By svalente315
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Click through to watch the video, or see below if you'd have a written explanation. This video is a little different than my typical videos because the job went very sideways. I debated on not posting it, but ultimately decided it was a good idea because it still shows the process, and shows that even with all the tools at your disposal, an old car can still give you a run for your money. There was a lot of frustration involved in getting this done, but with enough swearing, hammering, and power tools, you get it done.

1) Start by removing the lug nuts with a 19mm socket
2) Unbolt the caliper bracket with an 18mm socket, and move it aside
3) Use a 32mm socket to remove the axle nut
4) Disconnect the outer tie-rod from the knuckle with an 18mm socket. (If you live in the rust belt, use a sledge hammer to knock the tie-rod out of the spindle)
5) Remove the 8mm bolt holding the wheel speed sensor in. (Try to not break it when removing it if it's stuck like mine was)
6) Remove the 15mm nut/bolt holding the spindle to the ball joint (Hammer this one out too)
7) Separate the spindle from the strut by removing the 18mm nut/bolt
8) At this point the spindle *should* lift off the lower ball joint. If it doesn't time to get to hammering again. I had one person hold the spindle while the other hammered down on the lower control arm.
9) This write up won't convey the horror we went through for this step. With the spindle out, it's time to remove the wheel bearing. We had a lot of trouble. Using a hydraulic press, and a bearing removal tool from Harbor Freight we were able to get it done, though it took a few hours once all was said and done. See the video for more details!
10) If you've made it passed step 9, you can re-assemble everything. Press the new wheel bearing in, and bolt the front end back up!

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them here or the YouTube video. I do my best to answer everyone. Thanks for checking out the write-up, I hope it helped!