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REVIEWS-DAY 2017 FORD ESCAPE SE REVIEW, a near mint civic and a hair cut. In this video I give my review in a Ford Escape I currently have in stock by showing you its options and things I like and don't like. Thanks for the thumbs up and please subscribe! #oldecarrautoguy  #usedcardealer  PLEASE SUBSCRIBE HERE: Check out my Instagram @oldecarrautoguy EMAIL ME IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR OLDE CARR AUTO GUY STICKERS-$5 [email protected] Send me cool stuff Jason @oldecarrautoguy 220 Route 170 Oak Bay, NB E3l-3X8 or 188 North St #4143 Calais, Maine 04619 If you're in the area and looking for a second hand vehicle, check our website for full inventory. Check out some of the YouTubers I follow: TheMaineyak Finding the Beautiful (Justin Connors) Piston Junkeez 302 (NB YouTuber) MarriednParented (NB YouTubers) StreetSpeed717- Steve Freeman Dylan McCool Diablo Formula Racing Race Proven Motorsports Hammerdown Motorsports DurtyMax Jack

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