Foxbody 4-Wheel Disc Brake Set-Ups: Almost Everything You Need to Know

By Str8sixfan

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This is meant to be a deep dive into all the four-wheel disc brake set-ups that came from the from the Factory at Ford. We cover SVO/Mark VII set-ups as well as the 1993 Ford Mustang Cobra set-up, and we compare and contrast that to my situation as an early Fox Body owner in my 1978 Ford Fairmont. So this video is through the lens as if you own a 1979-86 Fox Body Mustang, 83-88 Cougar/Thunderbird (minus Turbo Coupes) or a Fairmont/LTD owner like myself. I touch a little bit on the 94-95 SN95 brake set-up that you can put on a fox body, but only for reference. There are plenty of other SN95 set-ups you can do from that generation, but that's a whole different video.

Here are some handy links I used in the research of this episode:
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Maximum Motorsports 84-86 Mustang SVO Spindle Tech -

Maximum Motorsports 87-93 Mustang Spindle Tech -

Cool Cats 83-88 Mercury Cougar Site -

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