Getting Back on Trac, with the Fox Body 5-Lug Swap

By Str8sixfan

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1 minute read

Trying to wrap up the rear brakes in order that I can slide the Lincoln Mark VII Trac-Lok 8.8 rear end back under #projectLOWFAREmont While I don't get the axle reconnected I do end up getting it underneath the car by day's end.

A lot going on in this episode, from parts hunting to getting the rear differential cover back on to loading the axle back up with oil. A lot to digest as I forge on with the fox body 5 lug conversion. There's even a budget update for the $4k project car in this episode.

While I said I'd link a pdf in the description, it was actually this write-up that I referenced for the torque pattern -

Products used in this episode:
Royal Purple Differential Oil -

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Gear I shot this with (paid links):

Canon SL2 -
Canon EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM lens -
Rode Video Micro -
Vangaurd Tripod -