Replacing a 7.5 Rear End for a Lincoln Mark VII 8.8

By Str8sixfan
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The 5-lug swap is finally under way! Before I can install the Lincoln Mark VII 3.27 geared Trac-loc 8.8 rear end I have to first ditch the 7.5" rear that is geared somewhere higher than 2.73 (2.47s maybe). After cleaning up the shop on Saturday I tear into the rear of #projectLOWFAREmont the $4k budget build. I do a little investigating of what the wheel set up might end up like with the 17" steelies, but I will know more when I get to mock-up the 8.8 in place. Unfortunately I fell short of getting the 7.5" all the way out, but that's ok, because things could have ended a lot worse!

I couldn't have had the confidence I did, without Eric The Car Guy's video. Very in depth. Go check his out here:

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