Replacing keyfob battery

Vehicle: Ford Fiesta
Time/Difficulty: 10 minutes/ easy
Parts Needed:
  • 2032 button style battery
Tools Needed:
  • Small flathead screwdriver
By stevegolf
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2 minute read

I was getting the warning that my key fob battery was starting to die, so I got right to replacing it. Pretty simple job.

First you need to buy one 2032 button style battery.

You’ll see on the sides of the fob buttons near the keychain area. Squeeze these really hard and the panel on the back will lift up.

Use your screwdriver to pop it off. You can see the inner metal key. Remove it.

Stick your screwdriver in the end and twist like the picture below. This will split the body of the key.

Now that the key fob is open you can see the battery. Pop out the old and install the new one, make sure it has the same orientation.

If you have an extra battery you don’t know what to do with, don’t feed it to a baby. Thankfully the battery came with a warning telling us it’s a bad idea. You never know.

With the new battery in, assemble the fob back together, all the parts should snap in place.

Good job, you now have a working key fob.