Changing your oil

Time/Difficulty: 45 min
Parts Needed:
  • Oil: 5w-30
  • Filter: Mobil M1-102A
Tools Needed:
  • Jack
  • Stands
  • T-30 hex
  • 15mm socket
  • Oil container
  • Wheel stops
By bdub
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4 minute read

Start by getting your vehicle on a level surface. Insure your rear wheels have locks on them, car is in gear, and e brake on.

Grab your parts and tools and get ready for a quick and easy oil change!

Here is a more though process on jacking your car up here:

Jack up vehicle

Double check your wheel stops and jacks, then get under there!


There are two pieces for your skid pan. A skinny piece of plastic that has 3 screws. Then your large pad with 3 near the front, 3 in the back and 2 on the sides.

Once removed locate your oil drain plug and oil filter. Both are easy to see and access.

Remove drain plug and drain oil into receptical. Once drained, reinsert plug and remove oil filter. Oil filter is usually pretty dirty and oil usually drips around. 

Tidy up the bottom and add your oil. My car took 5.6 qts to reach full. Once filled up press the On button without the brake to turn the car on accessory mode. Then fully hold the brake and accelerator for 25 sec until the oil service prompt resets. Your finished!