89Notch 5.3/T76 turbo/th400 etc Build Thread. ** Now with twins** by tirefryin_s10

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89Notch 5.3/T76 turbo/th400 etc Build Thread. ** Now with twins**

Compliments of tirefryin_s10 @ www.ls1tech.com

Well i started a thread when i thought this powertrain would be going into my rx7 well plans changed so a new thread is needed.

Here is a basic rundown:

89 notch some weight removal
8 point cage
weld in sub frame connectors
Tubular control arms ,poly bushings
4 cyl front springs with 90/10 drag struts
v8 rear springs with 50/50 drag shocks
built 8.8
moser 31 spline axles w/ c-clip elims
strange 31 spline spool
girdle cover
15x3.5 draglites with 165r front tires
15x10 drag lites with 275/60/15 M/t drag radials
BIG fmic 
custom built turbo kit with ceramic ball bearing T76 
04 5.3 
ls1 car intake
ported tb
arp rod bolts 
comp 212/218 and .522/.529 lift on 114 LSA
comp 918 valve springs 
comp 7.4 hardened pushrods 
Built th400 reverse pattern full manual valve body
tci 3800 converter
16 gallon aluminum cell
aeromotive a1000 fuel pump/ boost ref reg
60 lb injectors
tuned with hp tuners

And now for the pics!!! 


Boost referenced fuel pressure reg

Some T76 action

Looks BIG on the bench

Most recent shots of the motor all buttoned up

single layer pin on 4" fiberglass hood

15x10 with 6.5 BS need a cleaning bad

More pics coming soon as the car is coming back from getting its cage etc

the motor is an 04 with 28000kms so its damn near brand new but after some paint and cleaning i think it looks quite nice ... i have vette covers for it not sure if im gonna run them yet or not


Nice build with pics

Posted by Diggymart on 2/28/20 @ 12:07:56 AM