Fox Body Mustang Fuel Pump Replacement

Vehicle: 1992 Ford Mustang LX V8
Time/Difficulty: Easy-Medium
Parts Needed:
  • Fuel Pump Kit
  • Fuel Filter
  • New Sending Unit (maybe, not a bad time to replace)
  • Fresh Gasoline
Tools Needed:
  • General Hand Tools
  • Test Light
  • Multimeter
  • Gas Can
  • Fuel Line Disconnect Kit
By Burds Garage
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1 minute read

In this premiere episode of Burd's Garage, we diagnose a fuel delivery issue with our 1992 Fox Body Mustang project car and replace the fuel pump. Also shown is a cool trick to drain the fuel out BEFORE dropping the tank! With a little homework, you can apply this trick to almost ANY vehicle. Check it out and see how we did it!!!

Make sure to check out the Burd's Garage YouTube channel to see this car make 340 hp and 371 torque on the dyno!

Note: Engine is actually a 347 Stroker

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