Ryan Cheek Racing

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Ryan Cheek Racing


Highlands Sports Car Club's Night Series keeps the same autocross course for the whole season. With a total of 6 events, there's plenty of opportunities to figure out the best racing line and get every turn perfect. 

This picture is from the 3rd event. I still haven't gotten the course perfect yet or found the best tire pressure (as you can see here, too much tire roll), But with 3 more events and plenty of in-car course footage to review, I'm really striving to set the fastest raw time, of the season, in a street legal car. Without further moddification to the car, it is going to be a challange!


My fastest lap from Tuesday's Autocross and taking Brian Dickens for a ride. 
Enjoy the rodeo!


It's Mustang Monday and this photo of Hank and me, racing in the rain, by Kyle Quattromani seems quite appropriate. #mustangmonday
Proudly sponsored by Black Mountain Tire Connection Inc. 
#Michelin #PS4S


Nice to see someone pushing these cars to their limits.

Posted by MPower on 10/12/20 @ 2:21:13 PM

Can't wait to get back down to NC and the She-Shed!

Posted by DIYauto_Admin on 9/8/20 @ 11:55:53 PM

Great thread! I had a 2013 Mustang GT. I regret that I never got to take it to a track and really see what it could do. Looks like a blast!

Posted by CCmyVW on 8/4/20 @ 8:06:14 PM

This is so cool. Love you Ryan go girl! ?

Posted by Diggymart on 8/4/20 @ 6:59:09 PM