Burds Garage Ep 17 - 'Operation' Mustang Fastback Part 3 - Rear Sheet Metal Replacement

Vehicle: 1965 Mustang Fastback
Time/Difficulty: Weeks! and Difficult!
By Burds Garage
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1 minute read

In this episode 17 of Burds Garage, we fit all the new and recycled sheet metal for the complete rebuilding of the rear of our 1965 Mustang project car. We review all the steps and actions needed to make sure the panels have the same or better fit and flushness it did when it left the factory in June '65! Then we cover how to prep all the panels properly and weld them in place.

New Metal Used: Quarter Panels, Sail Panels, Deck Filler Panel, 'B' Pillars, Tail Panel, Outer Wheel Wells
Recycled Metal: Complete Trunk Floor and Inner Wheel Wells from a 1967 Mustang Coupe featured in Episode 13. We did replace one truck floor section and drop off in this recycled section also featured in Episode 13.