Burds Garage Episode 16 - 'Operation' Mustang Fastback Pt 2 - Rear Sheetmetal Removal

Vehicle: 1965 Mustang Fastback
Time/Difficulty: Weeks! and Difficult
Parts Needed:
  • New Panels for Reference
Tools Needed:
  • Grinders, Cutters, Spot Weld Remover, Propane Torch, Hand Tools, Scrapers
By Burds Garage

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1 minute read

It's finally time to get really dirty on our 1965 Mustang project in this episode 16 as we start cutting it up! We cover all the important and necessary steps in removing ALL the sheet metal from the car from the 'B' pillars back. Once removed, we prepare the car to install our recycled 1967 coupe trunk floor from Episode 13 and also prep the remaining parts of the car for new body panels.