Odyssey Battery Replacement

Vehicle: 2012 Honda Odyssey
Time/Difficulty: 10 min
Parts Needed:
  • Battery
Tools Needed:
  • Screwdriver
  • 10mm socket
By stevegolf

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This is an easy job. First remove the two pop rivets holding the air scoop on.

The scoop pulls right out exposing the battery.

Use the 10mm to loosen the terminals and remove the battery holder.

Remove the plastic side covering and put it on your new battery.

Pull the old one and transfer the bottom cover.

Drop in the new battery and reconnect the terminals. These ones could probably be cleaned.

Put the battery holder back in. You may have to loosen the bolts so the hooks will reach. Once they are hooked in, retighten.

Replace the intake tube and reinstall the pop rivets.

Now you are all set!