Heated Seat Install for S2000 by tinkfist

By stevegolf
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Heated Seat Install for S2000

Compliments of tinkfist @ www.s2ki.com

I searched and did not find one, so I figured I'd take pics of my install this past weekend and create an official DIY. I only installed the driver's seat at this time. The install was technically easy, however, it does require a minor modification to the seat foam and cutting of interior plastic. The only special tool required is a hog ring tool and of course the hog rings to go along with it. I also needed a couple of those plastic wire to wire connectors for the wiring. Alright, on with the install...

1. Purchase seat heaters. I bought mine for $180 shipped for two sets from Breeze Automotive

2. Remove seat from car: 2x14mm in back, 2x12mm in front, disconnect seat belt clip under seat.

3. Remove all of the hog rings attaching the seat cover to the seat pan. I used needle nosed pliers.

4. Remove these two bolts (12mm):


...and this bolt (14mm) from either side 


5. Remove the seat hinge bolt (12mm) to seperate the seat and back. Take note of the washer stack when removing this bolt.


6. Peel the seat cover (butt portion) back over the bolsters and front lip. If you put your hand under the cover, you'll feel that you can only go about 2/3rds of the way back. Luckily, these heater elements fit perfectly in that front portion. In order to hide the wire leading to this element, the best option is to cut a hole through the seat foam and run it out one of the large holes in the seat pan. I felt my finger on each side and made a hole where I wanted the wire to come out. 


7. Slide the element in. Read your directions to make sure you are putting the correct side of the element up.

8. Now for the back. At the base of the back is a long plastic hook running the width of the seat. Unclip this and you will be gold. A flat head screwdriver works wonders to undo the clip.


9. The seat pad should hinge out. There are a few hog rings that you will need to remove in order to slide an element under the seat cover. The wire for this element was easily run out the base of the back (where the plastic hook was). I ran both wires out towards the center console to keep things neat. To finish the seat, you'll need to re-hog ring all of those old rings you pulled out and return all of the bolts to their original positions.



10. Drill a hole for your switch and clip it in. A tapered rasp on the end of a drill works great here. Make sure not do go too big. Test fit the hole frequently to dial in the diameter. I used the accessory outlet in the center console to get my power, so I located it near there.


11. Wire the car: My car was mostly apart for a roll bar install, so my wires were easy to get at. I am sure you could get at these though by only removing the vent panel behind the driver's seat (the one with the two hooks on it). Reach back there and disconnect the power and ground from the outlet. Black = Ground, White/Red = Power. Use the forementioned plastic connector to splice your ground and power in here.

12. Connect everything together and hide the wire.



13. Have a beer  and enjoy your seats!

So far the seats are great. High gets nice and toasty and low is a good maintenance setting for a really cold day. Most times you'll find yourself switching them off 20 minutes into a drive. A top down test is still in the works.

- Tom

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