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Radio Door Pins

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2-64 or 2-56 Tap (T-handle)

I've tried to explain my method of removal and replacement of the radio door pins but have never narrated it successfully. This is a try at doing it graphically.

Having removed the door assembly from the dash and placed it onto a working surface, I use a 2-64 or a 2-56 tap mounted in a T-handle to remove and replace the pin. In this instance I'm removing a door covered in tan leather and replacing it with an AP1 black door.

The pin is pretty tight. So, threading the tap into the center of the pin for, say, 5-8 turns is pretty easy.

Then you can just pull on the T-handle to remove the pin.

Do the same on the other side.

Then reinstall the pins after properly setting the door spring on the left hinge using the reverse procedure. You may need to leave a small bit of the pin exposed in order to use needle nose pliers to hold the pin while you un-screw the tap from the pin after insertion. 

Less than a minute to remove the pin like this and less than 5 minutes to reinstall.

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