Removing Radio Door and Trim Panel for S2000 by Kodokan_4

By stevegolf
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Removing Radio Door and Trim Panel for S2000

Compliments of Kodokan_4 @

I needed to remove the radio door and trim plate so they can go to the CF shop. 

Just thought some of you might like to see how easy it is:

First, put the shift lever in reverse, and cover the lever and the console with a folded t-shirt or other padding. Pull firmly one one side of the radio door, until the lower clip releases. Do the same to the other side. Then pull a little harder on each side, until the middle clip releases.

When the middle clip on the right side releases, a small space will open up near the top- insert the tape-covered screwdriver here:

Cover the surrounding parts with tape, and don't pry on anything. Use the tip of the screwdriver to push the backside of the plastic forward (it comes out very easily):

Padded screwdriver:

To remove the radio door from the trim plate, use something like this to push out the retaining pins (a coathanger will do). Remember to protect the surface with tape:

Parts ready to go:


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