1 Year UPDATE! Are Cheap Jeep Parts WORTH It???

By Garagecouple

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Original install video while camping - https://youtu.be/AaWLubzdmyA What's up GC Fans! This week's episode is a 1 year follow up video on our Hood latches for our jeep wrangler JK! We had initially installed these hood latches while we were camping, and they lasted us about 1 year. For whatever reason, the part that clips onto the hood latch fell off, rendering it non-functional! Not a problem for us here at the GC Garage. We went ahead and replaced it with the cheap set from amazon (https://amzn.to/2YHLD9v) and we went ahead and replaced it. It looks like this set is made a little differently, using higher quality parts ultimately giving us a tighter lock when closing the hood. It also had cut outs on the upper hinge which allowed us to adjust the hinges for a tight lock.