Dead WITHOUT Warning! More Issues with Our Lifted TJ Rubicon on 38s

By Garagecouple
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What's up Jeep Fam! As I head into work at 5am, I crank the rig and get this, a no start situation. Now, this thing has given us many issues in the past, but recently the jeep tj rubicon has been pretty trouble free. We have been driving it on the freeway, and the milestar 38s with the skyjacker lift have been treating us really well! It was a huge let down to have it not fire up, however, it could have been much worse. We were fortunate to be home!

Check out the full video to see exactly what went down, and to see exactly how we fixed it! Hopefully this helps someone and reminds you to make sure you keep an eye out on your battery and change it if it has been 4 years or more, before it fails. That being said, we will see if the issue repeats, and if it does, that means our alternator might be going.

We bought the rubicon for how much?!?
First mods on the rubicon, video 1!
38s no lift on this rubicon?!?

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If you want to check out some of our favorite jeep mods as well as the parts in this video, here you go!

Mechanic tool set -
Plug and play HALO LED headlights -
Cerakote Plastic trim restorer -
Auxbeam 7 inch Light pods -
Auxbeam hood light bar -
Shrink electrical connectors 540 piece -
Smoked LED turn signal -
Steel Stinger Front bumper -
Smittybilt cargo cover -
Ares technology PCM -
Skyjacker lift kits:
Rocktrix Rims -
Rocktrix wheel spacer adapter -
Milestar Tires -
Affordable sun shade -
Rear LED tail lights -

Thank you for watching our video, hope to see you on the next one! God bless


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