Custom Air Splitter for an NC Miata by Cyberbug

By stevegolf
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Custom Air Splitter for an NC Miata

Compliments of Cyberbug @

Finally the Air Splitter vision comes true. This has been one of the longest mods, considering the amount of work ever weekend, details, adjustments, multiple mock-ups etc. 

It is made out of a 1/4" Delrin sheet. It was originally 68"x 20" and weighed in at 20lbs. After cutting and adjustments it weighs in at 13lbs finished.

I kept it short, initially at 3" but cut it to 2", I am concerned about the down-force at high speeds and don't want the 13lbs sheet to tear my bumper from the bottom.

After all it is fiberglass. I did try to maximize the mounting points to distribute the load and added support rods. 

The center of the bumper has a gap/opening. so the air splitter sits longer in the center. I added two more rods there for additional support. The sheet is 1/4" but it can still flex if too long.

Its been a fun project lots of pieces to it.

I was going to polish the Delrin, but it had too many scratches from factory and some very deep ones. Instead I applied the Hexis CF Vinyl to it.

I think it came out pretty good. Next when I am feeling up to it I'll start figuring out a flat bottom and side splitters, but concerned about adding extra weight. I have the delrin to the sides but its heavy.

The whole story in Pictures.



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