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LS1 Miata Build Thread

Compliments of fourwhls @

I have discussed this build quite a few time on here, but I figured it was time to get off my ass and document it. I'm not even sure this is the appropriate place for a build thread, but since there is so much fabrication and design going into it, it seemed appropriate.

My build started in November 2009 and is still not done. 

Procrastination and having a great co-drive for autocross has slowed down the progress significantly. My autocross season is from March to November, note the lack of progress in those months.

My goal is to have it done for my first local autocross in March 2011. I am off work the next week and hope to get a lot done.

The following posts with dates at the top are to get everyone up to speed. Here we go....


***THE OLD*** 


1992 A-package (Sunburst Yellow with Black Stripes)

131K miles


Autokonexion Fender Flares

Garage Vary Front Lip


‘99+ Brakes and Rotors


Ground Control Coilovers (750/450)

Koni Race Spec Shocks

Racing Beat Hollow Front Sway Bar

Stock/No Rear Sway Bar

Polyurethane Offset Bushings


275/35-15 Hoosiers on 15x10 Keizers for AX

225/45-15 Toyo R888s on 15x9 6ULs for Track/Street


17in Ultrashield Rally Sport Seats (Driver and Passenger)

350mm Momo Mod 78 Steering Wheel

Harddog HCDD Roll Bar

Willians 6pt Harnesses

Soft top removed

Previous Driveline: 

Coldside Supercharged ’00 1.8L (225 RWHP)

5spd Transmission

4.3 Torsen Differential

Starting weight (as described above with the 6ULs): 

2264 Lbs without driver

Weight Distribution- 51%F, 49%R without driver

***THE NEW*** 

New Engine/Transmission (V8R Kit): 

ASA Spec (stock car) LS1 5700 engine (Built by Lingenfelter Performance Engineering) 


GM Raceshop Bottom End

Lingenfelter reliability/performance head work

ASA Spec Custom Cam

Complete Dry Sump Oil System (Peterson pump, filters, tank, Moroso pan)

ATI Super Damper


Clutch/Flywheel (TBD)

Willwood Clutch Master Cylinder

Here's a video of this cam in a F-body LS1: [IMG]

Rear End: 

Mazda RX7 Turbo II Carrier

Mazda 929 Differential (3.73)

Mazda RX7 Turbo II LSD (clutch)

Mazda RX7 Turbo II Half Shafts

Miataroadster Hubs


Wilwood SL-6R 6 Piston Front Calipers

Brembo 4 Piston Rear Calipers 

11.75in x 1.25in Rotors Front and Rear

Mazdaspeed Miata Master Cylinder/Booster


23.5 x 11 x 16 Hoosier Radial Slicks (R75) on 16x11 Real Wheels for AX

Track tires TBD

Here's a couple "before" pictures of my car. I have some in-process tear down pictures that I will add later.

I will try and document the progress here: 

Hopefully I will keep the camera handy this time. I said I was going to take progress pictures with previous projects and never kept up. I always got the start and finish, but missed quite a few in between.


The tear down begins....

Now you see it...

Now you don't...

New engine...


Engine accessories....

I gutted an ASA Stock Car. Stand alone harness, every hose, switch, wire, gauge, oil tank, etc. 

I left an empty chassis.

Donor rear end (only housing, limited slip, and half shafts will be used)


I had a few hours to mess with my car this afternoon. 

I drained the gas tank, then removed all the fuel lines. I then starting cleaning up the last few items in preparation for starting the tranny tunnel cutting and got completely side tracked.

I decided I wanted to get rid of the trunk release and gas cap release from inside the passenger area. I had a set of hood pins sitting in the garage, so I pulled out the drill and went to town. I completely removed the trunk latch as well as the release cable.

I then got a little creative with the gas cap release. My initial intention was to leave the cable in the trunk and open the trunk and pull the cable to release the gas cap. I thought it through and decided to go a different route. I built a custom mount and put the gas tank release where the driver's side license plate lamp would be. I can now release the gas cap from the outside. Kinda overkill, but fun.

Here are a few pics.