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Small update, I have been very busy with the coupe and have very little time to update this thread.

My top hats for my rear rotors finally came in and it is a prefect fit. This is the only way of running W212 345mm rotor on a W/C204. Brembo does not offer a Monoblock rear caliper for a W/C204 either, so this also will have to be done.




With the rear kit installed, I can now measure for the proper wheel/caliper clearance and wheel offsets.

Check out the clearance (test fitting the custom barreled LM's off the StanceLab W212):

I am test fitting a lot of different wheel combinations to get the proper offsets. I will post these spec when I get all my measurements done.


Please excuse the height, it's stock.

HRE 540R

Front 19X8.5 +35 - 235/35/19

Rear 19X9.5 +38 - 265/30/19

Stock S63

Front 20X8.5 +43

Rear 20x9.5 +43

Some pictures of a coupe:


It can go lower about 2 more inches.


Got around to trying on the S63 wheels with the suspension:

Here's the CF interior, I didn't CF the all the trim. I think it looks better like this:


One awesome thing about the Airrex wireless air management is the remote. It is charged through a USB cable and comes with an A/C to USB adapter, but luckily for us, we have an USB port in our center console. Nice compartment to safety hide and charge the remote.


Normal driving height without rubbing:


I must admit, bags are the way to go. I use to only stick with spring/strut and coil overs. But to get the look and performance that I am looking for, bags are the way to go. With the proper setup and management, air suspension is pretty reliable and fun.

Blending the JDM scene:


Brakes, interior, trunk are all done.

Not many more pictures are available until after SEMA.

Waiting right now for the exterior to be wrapped and it will be loaded on a trailer to SEMA

Sorry guys, no pictures of the car on HREs slammed.

Trunk setup

Airrex offers this option - a complete ready to install kit (you can also purchase everything individually)

Instead of going full custom we decided to use Airrex ready to install kit and put a little StanceLab into it. The kit is very versatile and can be used in many different configurations.

Gold powder coated seat brackets and harness bar:

Side shot with the brakes on:


Beautiful Mercedes!

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