Front 5-Lug Conversion by jaysgottaredtop

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Front 5-Lug Conversion

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I've had a few people asking me about this, and couldn't find much info on it, so i figured i'd post up a simple how-to. my housemate Chris (Chris28) did this on his s13 a few months back with no issues, and i've heard of a few big-name drift teams doing this instead of expensive/crappy used s14 parts or aftermarket conversions as well.

Tools & Parts needed:

- Floor jack

- Jack stands

- 19mm wrench

- Pliers

- 30mm socket (s13) or 32mm socket (s14)

- Impact gun or breaker bar

- Manly hammer

- Flathead screwdriver

- 5 lug rotors (s14 SE front rotors, specifically non-ABS)

- New wheel studs (recommended)

- Cutting disk (air tools ftw)

- Drill press

- 1/2" metal bit (may need more than one, bent ones don't drill too well)

Before: 4 lug/5 lug stagger. wtf

Car securely on jack stands, wheel off, caliper off (two 19mm bolts, 3/4" wrench will work too), rotor off, hub nut cover off (hammer and flat-head screwdriver), cotter pin out, bust a nut (30mm for s13, 32mm for s14).

Tap three studs out too while you're here. (don't mind those collars, i was in the middle of messing with the coilover.)

Get some 5 lug rotors. tell the parts store you need front rotors for a 95 240sx SE. i know ABS makes a difference; you specifically need non-ABS rotors. they should be exactly like you old 4 lug rotors, sans bolt pattern. make sure they match before continuing.

Put the new rotor on the hub via the remaining stud and mark the new hole locations.

Tape up the ends so you don't get shit in your bearing.

Now cut/grind the backside webbing where the new studs will fall. don't worry about balancing it. there is very little material to remove, and it's all very close to the center of rotation. merely losing a wheel weight would mess up the balance way worse than grinding this.

Get it as best you can, we'll touch it up later.

Now put a bit of tape on the single stud (so the rotor stays perfectly in place) and slap that bitch on a drill press armed with a 1/2" metal bit. ready, aim, fire. (p.s. patience and drill oil are your best friends.)

Look at that re-drilled sexiness.

Grab some new studs, pop em all in, check clearances on the backside, and regrind as needed. i guess you could reuse your old ones, but for a buck or two each you might as well put in fresh ones.

Bang em from behind, slide the hub back into place, and re-tighten that nut.

Rotor back on, lug nuts tightened to carefully help pull the studs through.

Cotter pin back in, bearing cap tapped on, caliper on, wheel on, lug nuts tight to seat those studs permanently.

Back down on the ground. roll it and drive it to make sure nothing feels loose or noisy.

That's it. took me the better part of an afternoon. not bad considering my only major costs were rotors and the 30mm socket.

...and for reference: no, this will not work on the rear. the rear 4 lug hubs are shaped like four leaf clovers, thus not providing enough material to safely drill a 5 lug pattern. you're gonna have to find s14 SE hubs (my route) or conversion hubs for that.