Key ring light Into s13 by locoluna825

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Key ring light Into s13

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This is a DIY instructional TUT on how I wired my keylight into my s13. I am not responsible for damage done to your vehicle installing your keylight into your vehicle while following this tutorial. If you are worried about using this tutorial or intalling it yourself take it to someone who knows how.

Items you will need;

~Flat head and Phillips screw driver.

~10mm and 12mm sockets.

~Ratchet and about a 6in long extension.


~(Suggested) Test light.

~2x Electrical quick splices.

(OPTIONAL) It is much easer to work with, if you drop your steering column a few inches to make more room. You can do this or skip right to removing the steering column cover.

(OPTIONAL) First remove/lower the Lower steering column plate.

(OPTIONAL) Now up under the dash remove the two 12mm bolts holding up the steering column.


You now have a few more inches to work with


Remove the 6 screws using the Philips screw driver

Now disassemble and remove the steering column cover.

There are two wires we need. A 12v power source something that comes on with a switch. Like your dome light or your Instrument Gauge lights. In this tut I'm going to show you how to wire the key light in so that it comes on with your instrument gauge lights. So when your speedometer cluster, and other interior buttons come on, so will the key light.

Underneath your turn signal there will be a white looking connector with several wires coming out from it. Look for the Red wire with the blue stripe. This wire is usually the switched power wire for the interior instrument lighting in a s13. Although it sometimes may not be. That is why I suggested using a test light.

The arrow in this photo is pointed to a red wire with a blue stripe.

With the switch on the turn signal off. The test light is off.

When you turn the switch on the turn signal the light comes on. If yours is not the same color. Use a test light to find the switched 12v wire. Off of the above connection.

Now all you need is a ground. You have two choices; You may ground one wire to the chassis. (Steering column.) Or you can use another quick splice to connect to a ground wire off of something.

Now take your pigtail you received with your key light. And take your quick splices.

(If you did not receive a pigtail or if the pigtail was to short. You may have to use xtra length of wire. Or not use the pigtail at all and just splice the key light socket harness directly to the car.)

Connect one of the key light harness to the 12v switch source.

Your pigtail is ready. 

Put your key light on your ignition. Try to get it on as far back as it will go. I found that this position is probably the best.

Plug your pigtail to the key light and turn your parking lamps/headlights ON.

IT should come on.

If it did not come on. LED bulbs are polarity sensitive, so if not installed the right direction they won't come on. You will have to remove the bulb from the socket and turn it around.

Reassemble in reverse order. And put your new bezel on.