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Project Turbo LS1

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Hey guys, So I recently decided to go with a turbo instead of going with the Heads / Cam / Intake / TB package, or NOS route. I'm going to be building my own manifolds, and piping, and everything else. I've pretty much got everything I need, just need to get crackin on it when time lets me. I'll be updating with pics of everything along the way, thought I would share. My goal is to gain at least another 100hp, and spend as little money as possible. Here's what I've got so far. 

For manifolds I've decided to build some Log manifolds. Due to basic design, cost of materials, and simplicity I was able to finish both manifolds for roughly 200$ They should do the trick. Took a couple hours to build both.

I've already picked up a wastegate, ( same wastegate that dustin280zx is using in the Gen 1 / 2 V8 threads. ) And for Blow off valves I'm going to be using 2 factory blow off valves from an early 90's Mitsubishi Eclipse.

I ordered all my Oil line fittings from Summit and picked up a few from Home Depot, Never knew how cheap buying AN fittings could be. I was able to find a few of these fittings for less then 5$ pretty sweet. I also got an Ebay intercooler. Which should fit, and perform well.

And for the best part of it all, the turbo... I ordered a GT45 Ebay turbo. Knock it all you want, but the price was soo cheap that I figured it was worth a shot! After all, its got a divided T4 flange so if it ends up breaking, I have plenty of options for a replacement. price was 330$ shipped. The shaft spins perfectly fine, and continues to spin when you let go. Zero in / out shaft play. Normal, minimal side / side play. I can't wait to run this thing! 

So thats all I've got for now as far as pics go. My Z is up on jack stands, all the N/A stuff removed just waiting for this weekend. Like I said, I'll be updating with pics and info along the way. Enjoy!

For the manifold: I Just decided to build my own so I know it's going to fit how I want it to. It also makes me feel pretty good about myself when someone asks. Where did you buy the manifolds from? and I can say.. "Ya, I built those myself." 

For the heads: I've got some 243's off of an 02 ZO6. Suppose to bump compression to 10.4:1. With that said, I'm going to be running pretty low boost

For engine management, injectors, etc.: I'm getting some 60# injectors and am going to be running some duel Walbro 255's. For the time being, I'm gonna run the stock Vette regulator / filter. Eventually I'm going to swap to custom fuel rails with a boost (whatever you call it) regulator. For management I'm using HP tuners, Starting off with blow through MAF, and will eventually swap to 2 bar Speed Density.


So I got a bit more work done to the car this weekend. I got my brace all finished. Its pretty beefy, but very ugly. As long as it works, right? Got the intercooler all mounted up. Also got the manifolds bolted into the motor. I finished up my collector, and got it connected to the driver side manifold. I'll post pics later. I am POOPED! Time for some Taco Bell. 


Most of my buddies said the same stuff. "That turbo is going to fall apart!" ect ect ect... I've heard it all. "Those compressor blades are glued on." Hah. Anyways... So heres some pics of what all I did. For starters, Heres a bunch of intercooler pics. Had to of been the easiest, fastest, and smoothest intercooler install I have ever done in my life.

Heres the "modified" manifolds installed. Compared to the original ones I had, there is a bit more room between runners to get some spark plug wires on there.

I spent the rest of the weekend working on the support bracket(hideous, I know) , collector, and middle section of the manifold.

Oh yaaa, I forgot to mention. All the welding, and fab work is done by yours truly. And the welder I am currently using is a 200$ Harbor Freight, scratch-to-start tig. Works bitchin! 

The cross over pipes are 2.5" 304 stainless. Tonight after work I pulled the pan and will be getting the oil return bung welded on tomorrow. Hopefully getting the pan installed back on the car tomorrow as well. 


Sweet ride!

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