1981 Datsun Sunny Truck by Hondatsun

By Hondatsun
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A big clue as to what the new project is


The new project ? 

Few more shots of the Fatsun in the daylight ? 


The work on the Sunny has started with custom front LCA and caster arms based on S13 suspension. Plenty of adjustment and nice HSD s13 coilovers ? 


K swap the world! . 


Things are getting serious... Or stupid.. on the sunny truck. It's ready for a custom rear end and S13 subframe/running gear. 


Engine and box are hanging in the car now ? Mounts are just tack welded for now. All to be cleaned up and fully welded when the engine comes out next.
Lots of work to get the rx8 box mounted properly, including a custom adapter plate and having the bell housing machined so I can use a lightweight k20 flywheels and an escort friction disc with no mods.


One cagey boi ? Lots more bracing to add to the cage here, but want to finalise the pushrod suspension setup first!  


When you run out of welding gas ? Tape to the rescue .


Wow amazing! Great photos ?

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