1969 GTO Judge Clone LQ4 turbo 4L60e by 2165 Turbo Rail

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1969 GTO Judge Clone LQ4 turbo 4L60e

Compliments of 2165 Turbo Rail @ www.ls1tech.com 

we started this a couple weeks ago so I guess its time to start posting some pics and info about it. This is my dad's car

its a Judge clone that someone built 10-12 years ago. It had a 400 with a turbo 350 and a 7.5 rear end with 2.73 gears

we are putting a LQ4 motor with a T76 turbo in it (coping my friends wagon, 94LS1Bird, the green 1960 Parkwood wagon)

I'm using the COMP CAMS PART NUMBER #54-480-11 


Patriot Gold springs

Yank SS3200 converter

custom built 3" log manifold on the pass side and a stock f-body manifold on the drivers side with a 2.5" pipe connecting the two

for now I'm going to put in a 10 bolt with 3.32 Posi now has a built 9" with 3.50 and true trac

F-body Oil pan

Walbro 255 fuel pump now has Bosch 044

Aeromotive 100 micron prefilter

stock filter/regulator from an 02 vette

solid motor mounts

here are some pics


we used a buddies mock up foam block and tranny (the only want to go)

had to make sure the AC would work in its stock location 

getting the intercooler in place

welded in a bar to bolt the bottom of the inter cooler to

ignore the core support not being bolted to the frame. its since been fixed 

new dual pass radiator

in with acc on and log tacked together

condenser mounted between the inter cooler and radiator

Windstar van fans

did a little trimming on the fans 

had to cut the floor a little to get everything lined up the way we wanted 

my 5 day old daughter helping out by holding the 100 micron prefilter 


Muscle ????

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