Build is Almost Done, Maybe 2 Weeks Left 993 Turbo by carmstrongLS1

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Build is Almost Done, Maybe 2 Weeks Left 993 Turbo

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Maybe two weeks and she will be home!

The design on these are supposedly a similar design to the 993/996 GT1. Different from the "run of the mill" Billet K16's around. I hope you guys approve. This forum has been a bit quiet lately. Not many peopl interested in our oldies but goodies it seems. 

evo cams as well. This was the final pieces. Pistons, cams, and jugs weren't on this invoice. 

I chose to stay 3.6, Todd seems to think we are still going to get a monster out of it. He specifically said... "I shot for 600 whp. That's what we will get" 


I hope its fun. I cannot stress how bipolar the wait process has been. Which was not fun. I am packing up a bag of my tools and heading to motorwerks on Monday to see how much of a helping hand I can be personally. I built this car in memory of my father, who recently passed away from leukemia. 993 was his favorite car. He had several 993 cars including a red 97 TTS. I found the exact car he owned in Colorado. They wouldn't sell. So I did what I always tried to talk him into... Build a monster, but he was a purist. I remember callingTodd K. When I was 11-12 years old. Asking about prices and what could be done. Printing it out and tryin to convince my dad to have it done. He never would. So for the purist factor I have a bonestock red 996 with super low mileage. Then this car which is strictly a dream come true for my family. 


A few pics. Still uploading them now. 

Cams and what not. Just found the seals and gaskets so I believe the motor will go back together starting next wednesday. 

and more on the way.

the Misses got a little something out of the build too 

Some tools to take care of the baby. I am going to start doing little things it needs.

They are K-16 based hybrids but the 16G side is more similar to the 993/996 GT1 race dimensions. Thats about all I know. Its not the run of the mill K16/16G.

I believe UMW also makes a hybrid very similar. 

and this for the Jewelry that I will most likely have to buy to make up for this build chaos. I have two projects going at the same time so she really has been a good sport. The old school truck I am building has proved to be time consuming for me. I have done everything with the exception of body work.

Yes, actually he said it will be 600 whp. Todd said the same. I will PM you.