997 Short Shift Kit in 996TT and Other Models by Mikelly

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997 Short Shift Kit in 996TT and Other Models

Compliments of Mikelly @ www.renntrack.com

SunCoast Porsche - 997 Short Shift Kit Instal on 996TT
 Before I get to the meat of this DIY, I want to first publically thank the guys at Suncoast for everything they've done to this point in assisting me when I need parts. I can call them on short notice (and have) and I've always gotten stellar support. When I sent Eric a request for price on this Kit, he inquired about me doing a DIY on this setup, and I was like "SURE THING"!!! These guys have done so much to help me with excellent service, support and general conversation, that I was happy to do this write-up. 

If you want OEM FACTORY Parts at a very competitive price, give the guys at Suncoast a call or email... They will not let you down.

Now on to the DIY:First thing to do is Pull the e-brake lever up and remove all "junk" from the center console compartments. Remove the rubber mats in both the storage areas. See those torx screws in the base of the console storage areas? Remove those firs

Now remove the coin holder in the console area. Theres another torx screw hiding under it!

Remove the Window switch panel and disconnect the wire connectors Just pull them off nothing special that I could tell

Remove the torx screw below the window switch panel

Remove the Batwin Seat heater switch from the lower stack, unplugging the wire connectors the same as you did the window switches. 

Remove the carpet and leather side panels from the lower centerstack. Pull the leather panels from the rear forward with minimal force.

Remove the shifter boot surround and pull the boot up over the shift knob, exposing the bolt that secures the shifter to the handle. Loosen the bolt and slide the assembly off the shaft of the shifter. 

Remove the front torx screw that was hidden under the shifter surround.

Now you are ready to remove the console, sort of There are two different tasks you need to do. Follow closely

There is a wire connecting to the microswitch that monitors the lock on the console. Carefully disconnect that and be mindful not to break the wire because it limits your range of movement on the console. Next, remove the side panel that sits between the console and the e-brake handle.

Pull the console from the back slowly and rotate the piece to the passenger seat so it clears the e-brake mechanism.

See that pile of parts? Big pile isnt it? Took me 1.5 hours total from start to finish this last time and only 2 hours the first time, so dont panic.

Now comes the fun part...

Now, you have exposed the shifter housing, cables and are ready to move on to removing the shifter

Remove the shifter cable cover that sits above the rear of the shifter/cable base. Remove the 4 6mm nuts (10mm socket) from the shifter base but do NOT remove the shifter base. 


Next, you want to take a moment, take a pee, get a drink, your reading glasses and a permanent marker. If you dont use reading glasses, borrow some. You want to get this one right:

Where your cables are right now, in the bases (the blue and grey connection housings ) of the shifter cable linkages is where they must be in the new shifter, EXACTLY, if you want to have proper shifting. Seriously, dont screw this up or youll be kicking yourself.

Put your glasses on and count the threads on each cable as it sits in the existing linkage. I also used a permanent marker (the black marks on my cables) to mark the cable against the base of the linkage. Also use your cell phone camera to take pics so you can triple check yourself.

The linkages are spring loaded. You must push them back and rotate them counter-clockwise to unlock the cables from the linkages. Now remove the right cable, then the left from the cable linkages. 

Remove the cable clips from the cable housing base at the rear of the shifter base. 

Squeeze the tabs on the shifter cables and pull the shifter cable out of each slot. Now you can remove your shifter from the car.

Notice the new shifter has a green fixed piece in place holding the shifter in position. Its the proper position of the shifter, so do not remove the plastic holder. That holder should NEVER be thrown away. Its actually a tool that you would have to buy, if Porsche didnt include it in their shifter kits. Put it in your tool box when youre done.

Place the shifter on the studs on the trans tunnel. Secure the shifter with the four 6mm nuts. Snap the cable housing bases into the shifter body at the rear of the shifter, and attach the metal clips 

Now align the linkages with the cables. Count the threads on the cables, and connect the cables in the appropriate position. 

Before you continue with re-installing everything else, Start the car, and make sure you can engage every single gear and feel the car move under its load. Make sure every gear is engaged before you start buttoning it all up, or you’ll have to take it all back apart again to troubleshoot why you cant get the car into gear You dont want that, now do you?

Now that youre done with the test shifting, you can put it all back together. Reverse order of the above instructions should do you fine.