Want to Build a High HP Fuel System? Here's How by prodigymb

By stevegolf
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Want to Build a High HP Fuel System? Here's How

Compliments of prodigymb @ www.6speedonline.com

Before I go into teh details, I want to thank my friends Tim (Tim941NYC) and Binh (m3ntal) for all the help with the fuel system project as well as Mike @ T3 for helping source source FueLab stuff. Tim is a beast and can make anything happen when it comes to PCars. Without him this wouldn't have happened and Binh did all the research on surge tanks and found what I feel like the nicest surgetank setup on the market. I in turn designed the system and got together with the guys at Fuel Injector Clinic to supply us with some awesome high impedence 2150cc injectors with plug and play wiring adapters. Tony @ EPL is working his magic on the tuning end of things.

On to the good stuff. Here is a short rundown of how the system works. Stock intank pump remains intact and feeds the surge tank, from there the 2 Bosch 044s pickup and push through two FueLab fuel filter and join into a -8 AN line that runs to the back. Here is where we made a lot of changes and improvements. Stock 996tt fuel system feeds one rail through the other which will inevitably cause unequal distribution and pressure between injectors, especially the last one. We split out -8 AN line into two -6 AN and fed each rail separately, each rail has a return to a FueLab FPR. To do this we used two driver side rails and some custom welded fittings. From the FPR we ran a -6 AN line back to teh surge tank to keep it full and another vent/overflow line back to the stock location in the stock tank.

This can do pump, race gas or E85 safely. Hose is NHRA approved pushlock Aeroquip hose with fire jacket protection. 

Overall diagram and parts list...

Install Pics..

Cost can vary based on what surge tank, fuel pump, filters, regulator, hose and fitting quality you used.

Radium Surge tank with 2 044s. 1040$

Fuel Injector Clinic 2150cc Injectors 1170$ w/ plug and play connectors 65$

FueLab FPR, 2 filters, Pressure gauge 360$

Hoses and Fittings 400$

About $3k in total. Its not cheap but this using all top of the line parts etc...